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Welcome to the Caralishious blog. This space is dedicated specifically to sharing with you all my wellness knowledge, findings, tips, tricks, suggestions and feature recipes. Whether you are travelling, at work, on holiday, relaxing at home, or waiting in line at the shops, my healthy living hub will give you access to a vast array of information that will enable you to better your health from multiple perspectives. If you prefer taking your health into your own hands, then this blog is definitely for you!

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Latest 5 Caralishious Blog Posts

Honestly….you have to Try Honest Food Store Café Now!!!

04 May 2018

I am so grateful that Autumn has gifted us a few extra “summer” days this year, meaning warm sunny days out and about, especially over the long weekend! I was particularly excited to go and give Honest Food Store a try! I saw a few posts about this new little gem here and there, and with their incredible healthy food offering, OBVS I had to go see for myself.

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phuket 2

Phad Thai, Boat Trips, and Sunset Dreams…My Top 6 Phuket Highlights

12 February 2018

Aaaah the beauty that is Phuket..what a colourful place, and I don’t just mean the sunsets! I mean the happy, crazy, fun loving people that make Phuket a destination like no other. From boat rides and lazy beach days, to forest walks, zip lining and quad biking, you can pretty much fulfill just about every desire there…

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holiday exercises 1

5 Quick and Effective Exercises to do On Holiday

07 December 2017

Whether you are on the beach, in the mountains or frolicking in the snow, these quick an effective exercises will keep you fit and toned while on holiday. No equipment required and you can do these absolutely anywhere.

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tech detox 1

Need A Smartphone Detox? Six Steps to Help You Out

24 November 2017

We all have them, rely on them for everything, are likely to experience major separation anxiety if they are not around, and well, can’t live without them (or at least that’s what we think). The ever-developing world of technology is an aspect of life that has essentially become the norm for us. For the most part this is positive I guess, but we absolutely cannot ignore the impact that our smartphones have on virtually all aspects in our lives, and most importantly, on our health.

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urban sass 8

Caralishious Reviews: My Urban Sass Salon Experience

10 November 2017

If I am being completely honest, I am not much of a hair and nails kinda gal. I recently started having my nails done (which I have to say I do enjoy…especially those super bright lumo Summer colours), but as for my hair, I’ve always been one to do it myself with the odd exception of ombre colour, once a year. I think because I am always so busy - usually doing at least 3 things simultaneously, the thought of sitting in a chair unoccupied for 2-3 hours is daunting! LOL! My hair had however been looking a bit lifeless of late, so I decided to take Urban Sass up on their very generous invitation to their salon, for a morning of much needed grooming.

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