10 Smart Easter Snacking Tips

23 March 2016

I know that can be tough to keep it healthy during Easter, which is why I wanted to share with you my top ten tips for smart snacking during this time. You really don’t have to fully restrict yourself from your favourite foods, in fact I encourage you to enjoy a small amount of something you really love to eat during Easter time. Healthy eating during festive times, is all about balance, and being mindful and conscious. Again – no deprivation or dieting, just mindful eating and enjoyment.

1. Don't bulk buy

Only buy a small amount of good quality chocolate, rather than lots of poor quality chocolate. The darker the chocolate the more antioxidants, so chocolate with 60 per cent cocoa is a really good option. Chocolate sweetened with honey rather than sugar, is also a great choice for a healthier indulgence.

2. Keep chocolate for dessert

Eating Easter eggs on an empty stomach will spike blood sugar levels and put you on a hunger and energy level roller coaster. Make sure you enjoy your Easter egg treat after having a protein-based or high fibre meal. When combined with fats, fibre or protein, the glycaemic impact of high carbohydrate / refined sugar foods is significantly reduced.

3. Choose wholegrain hot cross buns

Wholegrain hot cross buns or those made with almond flour have more fibre and contain far more vitamins and minerals than normal ones, plus they’re more filling, so these are a far better choice than regular hot cross buns.

4. Share your treats

If you have an abundance of chocolate, don’t leave it lying around the house to tempt you. Share them around with friends, family or work colleagues. It is far more enjoyable to delight in delicious food when shared with others. That way you will also be eating far less of it, than if you were on your own. Sharing is caring – both for your friends and for your own body.

5. Swap up Ingredients

If you are really wanting to keep it clean during Easter, why not switch up some of your traditional favourites with healthy alternatives, like these low carb paleo hot cross buns, or my low carb paleo easter eggs. By simply changing what you are putting into your recipe, can make all the difference

6. Stock your fridge

Have plenty of delicious healthy food on hand so you don’t automatically reach for the Easter eggs. Find healthy substitutes to chocolate that still satisfy your sweet cravings. Use cocoa powder to make hot chocolate, easter eggs, or smoothies or make fruit kebabs to dip in melted dark chocolate.

7. Try raw chocolate

Have you tried cacao? It’s chocolate in its raw form and is packed with antioxidants, calcium and potassium. Cacao raises our serotonin levels, acting as an anti-depressant, reducing PMS systems and mildly improving mood. It can be used for cooking, adding to smoothies or sprinkling on muesli. Try making these low carb paleo easter eggs for a sweet, nutritious hit.

8. Give in to your cravings

Easter is a special occasion and it really is okay to enjoy some chocolate. I love raw chocolate that is sweetened with honey or agave nectar – 2-3 blocks really does the trick, and I truly enjoy every bite. Truth is, if you deny your food cravings completely, you are far more likely to overindulge, so go ahead and enjoy, just be mindful of your portion sizes. Remember that you can always have more later if you want.

9. Monitor your food

Stop mindless snacking over Easter by keeping a food diary – this will help you maintain awareness of exactly what it is that you are eating, how much of it and why. The more mindful you are, the more you will be able to assess your behaviours linked to food, and the easier it will be for you to control mindless snacking.

10. Build a calorie bank

Try to exercise every day over Easter to balance out the consumption of extra kilojoules. “The more fuel you burn off via exercise, the more it will counterbalance the extra input.  Get the whole family involved by going for a bike ride, walk or playing a game of soccer.

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy Easter

Yours in Health Always,




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