12 Simple Life Hacks to Maintain your Ideal Body Shape

21 May 2015

So you’ve lost the Weight..Now What?

I often discuss weight loss solutions on my blog, as this is a topic always in demand. I provide tips, solutions and options on how best to achieve this. Weight loss I fantastic when it results in you looking and feeling great. But the question we often fail overlook.…”Now What?”  Is just as pertinent as the weight-loss itself.

So you’ve successfully lost the weight, you are looking and feeling fantastic, but HOW do you now maintain it? This is often the point at which people begin to gain the weight straight back. They feel as if the work has been done and now it’s time to relax back into old habits, only to find the weight creeping back on.

I am continuously telling my clients that weight loss is not JUST weight loss….weight loss is a PERMANENT LIFESTYLE CHANGE! Remember these three words, say them out loud and let them sink in, because if these three words are not implemented, then all that hard work goes straight down the drain. I guess our inherent desire for quick results coupled with the demands of our external modern-day environment has ingrained in us unrealistic expectations in many areas of life…weight-loss included. It is always wonderful to achieve a goal, especially when it comes about quickly, but what of that goal once it is there – once it has come into being? Think of it like business – say you have launched a business, and you have reached a point of great success – now what? Are you just going to stop working and let your business run itself? – never! You are going to put as much as you can into your business to have it grow further, so that you may reap even more success! The same goes for maintaining your body – it is constant work, and requires a major focus on your mental, physical and emotional  health.

We absolutely HAVE to change our perceptions about weight-loss to encompass more than just looking good. Reaching your desired body shape requires you to be healthy, and to maintain great health in order to maintain a great body. There are NO short cuts or quick fix solutions. Only consistency and dedication to your health – every single day for the rest of your life!

So how do you maintain your body shape?

Here are 12 great ways to keep yourself in check...

  1. Drink warm water and lemon every morning on waking up
  2. Take a good quality probiotic to ensure proper digestion
  3. Drink loads of water – at least 8 glasses per day
  4. Load up on vegetables, and lean proteins
  5. Don’t fear healthy fats – these keep your blood sugar levels stable and make you feel satiated
  6. When you eat, sit down, chew slowly and enjoy every bite. Make sure you are eating and only eating. Don’t pair eating with activities such as TV or playing on your phone. Let yourself be fully present and aware when you eat –you will be pleasantly surprised at the difference this makes to how you feel after a meal –I will leave you to see what I mean!
  7. When you feel a craving coming along – brush your teeth. The cool minty taste will prevent you from wanting to eat
  8. Find ways to move more – walk your dogs, go for a stroll in the park, find a sport you enjoy or create a hiking club. Making exercise social ,will help you enjoy it far more.
  9. Stick to small dinners and bigger lunches
  10. Try to get some protein in at every meal
  11. Avoid carbs from grains at night. Stick to vegetables and proteins instead.
  12. Above all, don’t obsess about your weight! Give your body love, show it appreciation, and I can guarantee it will love you straight back!

Yours in Health Always,



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