16 Natural Remedies to Beat a Bloated Belly

09 February 2016

Nobody likes the feeling of a bloated stomach! Unfortunately, many of us (myself included) are familiar with an unpleasant feeling of having a bloated belly. It feels like you have a balloon in your stomach that’s weighing you down, making you feel heavy, and uncomfortable! Bloating doesn’t help with the romantic part of life either. What is more of a “mood killer” than feeling like you swallowed a basketball?

I used to experience bloating ALL the time. It was so frustrating and I couldn’t understand why – I was eating healthy, I was exercising – so why on earth was I still bloated???

So how did I cure my bloating?

As it appears, bloating is mostly a result of improper eating habits. Yes, certain people are more susceptible to it due to hormonal imbalances or due to weak digestion (why I myself suffer from), but it is preventable if you stick to these simple and effective guidelines. I still remember that unpleasant feeling of a full belly even after a small meal and I'm so happy that those days are behind me. Now that I found a solution for myself, I want to share what works for me and, hopefully, you will find these suggestions useful as well.

Remember, it is always best to prevent bloating instead of trying to address the issue when it is already there.

  1. Eat Mindfully: Conscious eating is one of the main components for preventing bloating. If you are aware of how your stomach feels, how hungry you are, and the effects that certain foods have on your body, you will be able to adapt your eating habits accordingly. I believe that people who are truly conscious and follow their intuition rarely experience digestive discomfort.
  2. Check In with your Appetite: Eat only when truly hungry.
  3. Allow Time for Digestion: Allow your previous meal to fully digest before eating the next meal or snacking. This means waiting at least 3 hours in between meals!
  4. Chew Properly: While eating, chew well and don’t talk while chewing. I always used to scoff down my food in a rush with the aftermath being an exceptionally bloated and uncomfortable tummy! Not fun! If you are eating with others, put your folk down while eating. DON’T EAT and TALK at the same time.
  5. Be Careful with Fruits: Don’t eat fruits after a meal. This one use to get me all the time!! Even though fruit is a healthier dessert option, it is famous for causing you to bloat. Eating fruits on their own is always best.
  6. Love Your Ginger: Drink ginger tea between meals – this works wonders!! You can also try chewing on a slice of ginger with lime juice or lemon 20 minutes before a meal.
  7. Supplement with L-Glutamine: Take L-Glutamine – this is an incredible amino acid that promotes muscle recovery and also helps digestion.
  8. Spice it Up: Use digestion stimulating spices when making your food. Try black pepper, ginger, and cumin.
  9. Take Probiotics: Regularly take probiotics, especially if you were on antibiotics recently. I like to take one each morning on an empty stomach to assist my digestion for the day.
  10. Check in with Wheat & Dairy: Pay attention how your body reacts to dairy and wheat/flour products. If you feel bloated after them, you might have to reduce your intake or remove them completely.
  11. Keep It Warm: Don’t drink anything cold while eating.
  12. Don’t Eat and Drink Together: Avoid drinking anything 30 min after the meal. It will dilute digestive juices and will make it harder to digest food.
  13. Reduce Salt: Reduce your salt intake. Sodium is a huge instigator for bloating!
  14. Stress less: Stress belive it or not, can cause major bloating, because anxiety and tension literally strains your digestive system, thereby preventing it from doing its job properly. Try to maintain your cool by engaging in regular breathing exercises, working out and meditating.
  15. Morning Water & Lemon: Start each morning with a large cup or warm water and lemon. For a super anti-inflammatory kick, try out my cleansing tonic. I like to drink this every morning to ensure that my digestive system is cleansed completely.
  16. Get moving! Exercise helps move waste along your digestive tract. It also helps soothe bloating and dispels toxins.

This list is long and might seem overwhelming but different things work for different people. Try a few of the above listen to your body’s feedback. Soon you will be able to find a few anti-bloating tricks that work for your unique body. Experiment and learn!

Let me know if any of these work for you and what other effective tips have worked for you in the past.

Yours in Health Always,




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