6 Ways to stay Fit and Motivated during the Holidays

09 December 2016

Its so exciting that holiday time is nearly here! Its always such a rush to get all that last minute work done, book holidays, finish up exams and pack for holidays, and this can cause stress levels to escalate big time! I know the first thing you feel like doing when you finally reach the finish line is to rebel against all your normal routines, let loose, veg out and do nothing (which you should totally do...I fully support this!), but remember taking this too far can set you back from all the awesome progress you have made to get this far, especially if healthy living is new for you.  

Relaxing is an absolute must during the holidays to help reduce cortisol levels, reset your body and restore mentally for the new year, BUT (and of course there is a BUT), relaxing doesn’t mean not moving your body. In fact, holidays are the perfect time to keep active and work on your fitness levels (if you’ve let these slip slightly during the past year). You have the time, so don’t let yourself go completely (its really just not worth it), keep motivating and get your sweat on – exercise actually helps you relax, detress, and improve your sleeping patterns.

So what should you do?

Well let me share with you, what works for me :)

6 ways to stay Fit and Motivated during the Holidays 2

Here are my top 6 holiday fitness tips (that I myself use regularly) to ensure I keep healthy, balanced and in shape during the holidays:

1. Choose your Holiday Destination Wisely

There are so many active holidays that can super fun for the whole family. I particularly love tropical holidays, so I often opt to stay at a resort that offers beach and water sports, an assortment of healthy tropical foods, and contains various active facilities such as tennis courts, swimming pools, a volley ball court and of course a gym. If these kinds of active options are easily available to you, then you are more likely to use them. This is also a perfect option for family vacations as there are plenty of activities for the kids to keep occupied and active.

2. Explore on Foot

If city destinations are more your thing, rather than taxing everywhere (which can be super expensive), rather explore on foot. You will be amazed at how fit you can get from walking everywhere. Whats’ particularly great about exploring (or what I like to call fitsploring) is that you end up seeing and absorbing so much more. It is far more engrossing to see beautiful architecture and unassumingly happen on hidden gems than to rush past major landmarks. For me this is the best way to experience a new destination to the fullest (while keeping fit of course).6 ways to stay Fit and Motivated during the Holidays 3

3. Ski Yourself Slim

if you are more a Winter holiday person, then skiing trips are definitely the way to go. skiing is incredibly fun, and also incredibly strenuous, meaning that you will 100% get fit – even if you didn’t plan to. So why not enjoy the glacial beauty of snowy peaks while skiing yourself fit.

4. Keep your Goals in Place 

Even though its holiday time, and you may want to desperately take a break from your goals, I highly recommend creating new “mini goals for yourself during the holidays. What I mean by this is, say your current goal is to exercise 5 times per week, create a mini goal on holiday by making it your motive to train at least 3 times per week with regular walking in between. I know sometimes its difficult to get a workout in if you are travelling to numerous locations during your holiday, so get creative – bring a yoga mat with and do some planks, burpees and crunches in your hotel room (if no gym is available), explore on the run, take a long walk or find a hiking trail nearby – there really are so many opportunities to keep fit while travelling – so plan ahead, find out where you can enjoy these activities and get moving!

5. Pack Healthy Snacks

 I am so big into travelling with snacks in my handbag (at all times). A generous packet of almonds, date and nut ball or some protein balls can really be a life saver especially if you are doing a lot of on-foot exploring. Keeping your blood sugar levels stable with healthy snacks to avoid feeling “starved” will set you up for healthy main meal choices. Often when we feel very hungry, we just end up eating anything and everything, and are less likely to make conscious and smart decisions about the food we choose. So smart snacks readily available will help greatly here.

6. Get in to the Habit of Enjoying Active Holidays

Active holidays can really be so much fun, from camping trips to hiking trails, beach holidays, or skiing, there is such a variety of ways to keep fit and healthy while still enjoying yourself. I can assure you, when you are in holiday mood, exercising regularly and eating well, you will feel amazing, and this will make you want to do it again and again. And what’s more, you wont have to worry about working off the holiday bulge – you will be all set and ready for a healthy and happy new year.

6 Ways to stay Fit and Motivated during the Holidays

Remember, a healthy life is all about balance – so  yes, go on an indulge a little, relax and have fun, but do this all within reason, and be sure to fit in  plenty of endorphin inducing workouts, healthy foods and calming thoughts.

Wishing each and every one of you a Healthy and happy Festive Season,

Yours in health Always,




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