7 Smart Ways to Drink More Water

17 November 2015

I know how difficult it can be to drink as much water as you should on a good day, and this heatwave we have been experiencing in Johannesburg definitely doesn’t help. The weather has been nothing short of boiling in many parts of South Africa, and has left many of us feeling drained, tired, hot and bothered. When temperatures reach such extremes our bodies lose a lot more water than normal to keep us cool. Therefore it is especially important for us to make double sure that we are hydrating sufficiently. Sometimes we can be dehydrated without even realising it. Typical signs of dehydration include headaches, fatigue and lack of energy, so let be sure you are getting your daily fix!

About the 2 litres of water a day rule…

Remember that this is a guideline – there will be days where you won’t need as much as two litres of water, and then there will be days where you need more that 2 litres. It very much depends on your level of activity, the amount of water you consume through food (water dense fruit and vegetables), how profusely you perspire, and of course the general temperature. I recommend trying to stick to the guideline of 2 litres per day, but do be aware of those times where you may need even more (this heatwave is definitely one of those times).

I know water isn’t that fun to drink. Some of you may love it, others not so much. It took me a while to get into drinking lots of water daily, but once I applied these really great techniques, I was able to enjoy water. I even started to crave it (weird right!?)!

Ideally you should be keeping hydrated throughout the day so here are my top 7 favourite ways to keep you in check:

Add fruit: I absolutely loooove doing this! Adding a few pieces of fruit to your water not only tastes a whole lot better, but helps detoxify your body too! Try adding a few slices of lemon and a few mint leaves, or perhaps strawberries and cucumber, even orange slices with a few blueberries can taste really great! Get creative here and mix and match your fruit to create the ultimate detox water.

Make it Easily Accessible: Depending on what you are doing, whether it be desk work, on the go meetings, working or studying, or running errands try to make sure that you always have access to your water. I like to keep a glass bottle of water in my car (in a cooler box) when I am running around. If I am doing desk work, I keep a big glass jug of water with ice and lemon on my table which I drink throughout the day. When it is always in front of you, you won’t forget to drink it (and this will save you the mission of walking back and forth to the kitchen)

Drink Coconut Water: When we sweat, we lose electrolytes, which minerals are found in the blood that help to regulate (among other things) the amount of water in the body. While an ordinary workout may not require electrolyte-replenishing, if you are participating in longer and more intense periods of exertion, such as running a marathon or going through a particularly intense workout, you will benefit from a good dose of electrolytes mid-workout. I know many athletes consume copious amounts of sports drinks, but there is absolutely no need for that. Sports drinks contain loads of colourants and sugar. Coconut water is a great alternative, and the absolute best all-natural way to replenish lost electrolytes while remaining well hydrated. It also tastes great, so drink up!

Enjoy your Fruit: Many fruits are a great source of both electrolytes and fluids, though the dose of electrolytes can differ from fruit to fruit. Bananas and dates are known for having high levels of the electrolyte potassium, making them a great option for refuelling during an intense workout (for example, a long run or a cross fit session). To stay hydrated while keeping up electrolytes, it’s important to drink water while munching on fruit.

Load up on Leafy Greens: Vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, lettuce and spinach contain a good amount of water. Try to include lots of greens for both lunch and dinner to supplement your hydration. Remember though that water is still always first prize.

Train your Thirst: Try to get into the habit of taking a few sips of water regularly. The more you do this the more you will feel the need to drink often. Training your thirst is much easier when you have water readily available so following tip number 2 above will really set you up for good hydration habits.

Sip on DIY  Juices or Smoothies: Enjoying a delicious and refreshing DIY smoothie is a great way to combine your favourite flavours into one nutritionally-packed glass. Try drinking your fruits and veggies with my healthy (and tasty) Green Smoothie Recipe.

I hope these tips help you to keep you easily hydrated every day!

I would love to know what other topics you would like me to post about. Please share your ideas in the comments section below!

Happy Hydrating everyone!

Yours in Health Always,




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