8 Ways to Beat Addictive Foods Once and for All!

24 November 2014

The answer lies in the ingredients of these seemingly satisfying snacks. If you had to pick up any one of the products you crave and take a look at their content, you are guaranteed to see sugar and additives at the top of the ingredients listing (and lots of them!). Additives can be anything from processed sugars, and high fructose corn syrup to MSG (monosodium glutamate), synthetic colourants, preservatives, flavourants and basically any chemical that keeps us wanting more. These “evil” geniuses are added to ALL processed and refined edibles to keep us coming back. All it takes is one bite and we’re hooked. From the brain chemicals that these products target, to the impact imposed on our blood sugar levels, these products are designed to make us want to buy more and more and more!

I am not big on conspiracy theories, but I can assure you that where there is big money to be made in an industry, boundaries will be stretched. Just think about how much large food corporations coin through mass production. As long as the substances integrated into a food product are edible and do not demonstrate potential harm of statistically significant proportion, then they are deemed safe for consumption.

If obesity is anything to go by, it is clearly evident that something is very wrong with the contents of our food. Of course, we as individuals have to take responsibility for the choices we make regarding what we ingest, but this choice is heavily dependent on having some sort of an understanding about proper nutrition and healthy eating. Now again, ignorance is no excuse as information is widely and readily available to us within our modern society, but it is nevertheless a variable that directly impacts our food purchases. An infinite variety of enticingly packaged food products to choose from, coupled with the perception that these products are edible (and therefore classified as food) opens us up to multiple streams of temptation. That there are so many choices to begin with is in itself a major problem for our health and wellbeing. Imagine if we were only provided with healthy food choices? – Surely then obesity, and related health problems would diminish?

Another powerful determinant of individual food purchases is price: Is it not fascinating that processed foods with an extended shelf life are far cheaper than fruit and vegetables? Or how a burger, chips and a coke appears to provide more “value for money” then a healthy salad? - These unhealthy consumables can be churned out in mass proportions thereby lowering production costs and enabling high returns for the companies that develop them. The food sector, behind energy, is one of the largest commodity industries in the world. Industrialisation and mechanisation have enabled food to become mass produced thereby minimising labour costs and maximising profit. A very easy and lucrative industry to exploit don’t you think?

As with any monetised environment, there are always individual and organisational interests at play – the food industry being no different. The unfortunate truth is how tipped the scales are in favour of organisational interests at the expense of the individual. As much as we (the individuals) are responsible for our own choices, so food corporations should be responsible for the types of choices provided. It’s a two way street!

While turning the tables on the types of food available to us seems somewhat impossible, we as consumers do have a certain degree of leverage in numbers. We still have our freedom of choice – that is we have the power to choose what brands we support and what food products we purchase. If more and more of us choose to support health enhancing, natural, free-range, organic and unprocessed food products and produce, while staying clear of chemical, additive and preservative laden choices, we will surely enable a real and true food revolution.

So the next time you visit your local grocery store, be more mindful about the choices you are making, what types of food corporations you are supporting and why those products are on the shelf to begin with.

When everything around you looks so utterly delectable, it is difficult to avoid the temptation, so go prepared:

Arm yourself with your consciousness – know that any tempting processed product is there for a reason: not to benefit you but to make others lots of money.

Ask yourself: What does my body need to be healthy?

Think about the type of food corporations you are supporting by buying those products

Create a pre-planned grocery list of only those foods that you really need – in other words ONLY those foods that will enhance your health and vitality.

Do not browse through those isles that you know will eat at your weak spot.

Stay focussed, stick to your list and get into the habit of thinking about what you are buying rather than chucking items into your trolley.

Remember, no matter how much temptation we face, what we put into our bodies is our choice, and ours alone, so make healthy choices every day!!

What healthy choices are you making?

Yours in Health Always,



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