Caralishious Blog Posts for October 2014


8 Reasons Why you should Try Pilates!

27 October 2014

Is it possible that one exercise system can keep inspiring and challenging you to be your very best self, help you create the body you were always meant to have, give you peace of mind, enliven your spirit and make you feel confident and empowered? The answer is yes…and its name...Pilates!

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Relax, Destress and Restore

8 Ways to Relax, Destress and Restore!

20 October 2014

It’s rather absurd that relaxation has become an exception to the crazy busy bustle of modern day living. We have resorted to scheduling time to relax because there is never enough hours in a day. Or life becomes so demanding that we have to remind ourselves to rest. For a large portion of individuals, relaxation is a privilege only enjoyed while on leave - that is, two or three weeks out of an entire year! Out of 52 weeks, only two or three of those allows for relaxation!

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