Caralishious Blog Posts for November 2014

Beat addictive foods

8 Ways to Beat Addictive Foods Once and for All!

24 November 2014

Have you ever wondered why all those delicious treats stuffed away in your pantry eye you out every time you walk past? - With their uncanny magnetism and welcoming exterior -beautifully packaged, and glimmering under the fluorescent light. So inviting – a convincing promise of pure satisfaction and delight that just “hits the spot”…or so it seems.

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Prioritise your Health

Make your Health a Top Priority!

17 November 2014

The fundamental principles of my wellness philosophy stem from the synergistic practice of sustained mindfulness, nourishment, movement, enrichment and relaxation. I believe that wellbeing is a continuous practice that can only be sustained through the application of a holistic approach to health.

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Yoga arm balance

7 Metabolism Boosting Exercises you Should be Doing!

10 November 2014

Looking for some effective ways to transform your body? Here are a few great exercises that I strongly recommend to help you reach your health and wellness goals. These exercises are simple but effective in strengthening your body and firing up your metabolism. These exercises - performed three to four times a week - in conjunction with a healthy eating plan and sufficient rest will enable you to reshape and tone your body. Exercising smartly is all about selecting effective, metabolism boosting activities that don’t steal hours out of your day. No gym or fancy equipment required, just your body and some strong determination. Here are seven of my highly recommended health enhancing exercises that will help you transform your body in no time.

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Conquering the Health Hype - Image

Conquering the Health Hype

03 November 2014

"Fad diets leave us feeling confused and despondent. Healthy living is about balance in all areas of life. No "miracle" diet or pill that promises rapid results is truly effective in sustaining long term health. Health is holistic and should never be handled from a one-sided approach. For many, weight loss becomes a main motivator for health; it is important to focus on obtaining significant, long-term health that lasts a lifetime. Freeing yourself from the shackles that fad dieting imposes is a fundamental step in adopting a holistic approach to your health.

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