Caralishious Blog Posts for December 2014

Why I Love Coconut Oil an So Should You! - Image

Why I Love Coconut Oil an So Should You!

08 December 2014

If you want healthy-looking skin, a great metabolism, and a healthy heart then coconut oil is a sure way to get all three!

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Fat Loss

Fat Loss, Cheat Meals and a Hormone called Leptin

01 December 2014

Within my wellness philosophy, I speak about being mindful – that is demonstrating presence and awareness in everything that we do. This awareness extends to absolutely every part of our lives, and includes being astutely familiar with our physical bodies. The more mindful we are of our bodies, the more understanding we are of how our bodies work, what our bodies need and how to better take care of ourselves in line with the physical cues we experience. Mindfulness pertaining to the physical body is easily amplified through an extension of knowledge –that is to further our understanding of how our bodies function, and being aware of the mechanisms and processes that occur internally. This post serves to promote knowledge of key hormones within our endocrine system that influence hunger, fat metabolism and weight maintenance.

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