Caralishious Blog Posts for October 2015

How to Get Started with Healthy Living

Failure to Launch? How to Get Started with Healthy Living

29 October 2015

I know so many of you out there see all these health fanatics post all these pictures about how amazing their healthy lives are (myself included). And I know that sometimes it can seem so overwhelming to see all the things that these people do to keep themselves in shape. Looking at them may even build up an annoyance or antagonism against the whole idea of eating healthy and exercising – almost as if its some kind of health “cult” that you have to become a part of in order to get the body you want, or achieve the health goals you have in mind. But I promise you it doesn’t have to be difficult. It doesn’t have to be extreme either. You don’t have to be doing crazy yoga balancing acts, run 10km every day, become a vegan or eat superfoods that you have never seen or heard of in your life. These things aren’t for everyone – maybe some of them are for you – who knows? But you will never find out if you don’t START!

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How to Give your Metabolism a Natural Boost

How to Give your Metabolism a Natural Boost

16 October 2015

To some degree, our bodies operate at a pre-set speed determined by genetics, age, gender, and body size, there are some lifestyle changes that can, quite literally, speed up the process. So you can't affect how many calories it takes to keep your heart beating, but you can burn an extra 500 to 600 calories a day by exercising properly and eating right, and by making a few changes to your routine. Even tiny adjustments to a person’s metabolic rate can add up to significant health benefits over time

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Interpreting Nutritional Information and Ingredients

Do you Know What's in Your Food? What you Should Be Doing Every Time you Shop!

15 October 2015

Grocery shopping is the norm for virtually all of us. At least once a week we find ourselves walking through the grocery store, isle by isle, placing pretty much anything that looks good in our trolley without much thought. But what is in that food you have just selected? Are you sure you really even know?

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finding balance

How to Find That Balance in Your Daily Life

09 October 2015

Our modern day obsession with wanting more and more doesn’t leave much room for balance. The more we achieve, the more we want, and consequently, the more we have to work. It’s a toxic cycle, one that can impact our heath drastically, if not managed correctly. I too get caught up in this “wanting more” mentality, and i have seen how my wellbeing suffers, as a result. I know how important it is for me to know when enough is enough, and to take some time to relax and rejuvenate my body and mind. Establishing a healthy balance is essential for maintaining our mind-body connection, because it is this connection that enables us to be more innovative, creative and productive. It allows us to be at peace – and when we are at peace great ideas and solutions flow more freely to us. Find out my favourite ways to balance my daily life in the face of all the chaos.

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Long lean legs

Get the Legs you REALLY Want

01 October 2015

I hear it all the time! So many women want to change the shape of their legs. Some want muscular, toned legs and a bigger booty, others want long lean, svelte like legs. And in order to achieve this, just about every stream of information out there suggests exactly the same thing: lots of resistance training, weight-lifting, squats, and HITT training. The other famous phrase for great legs is that “women don’t have enough testosterone to get bulky, so weight training is ideal” Hmmmm…not quite! Learn how you can build the legs you ACTUALLY want!

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