Caralishious Blog Posts for May 2015

Social Media and your Health – How to balance your Real and Virtual Lives

Social Media and your Health – 7 Ways to Balance your Real and Virtual Worlds

27 May 2015

Many of us are slaves to our phones, tablets, laptops etc. When we are not working on them, we are busy surfing Facebook, Instagram and other social media that captivates our attention for hours. I myself spend hours on my laptop and social media, writing blog entries, posting photos and uploading recipes onto my social media pages. In a world run by modern technology, we almost have no choice but to take part in this techno-behaviour. We do however have a choice in HOW and when we use these technologies outside of the work domain.

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Yoga arm balance

12 Simple Life Hacks to Maintain your Ideal Body Shape

21 May 2015

often discuss weight loss solutions on my blog, as this is a topic always in demand. I provide tips, solutions and options on how best to achieve this. Weight loss I fantastic when it results in you looking and feeling great. But the question we often fail overlook.…”Now What?” Is just as pertinent as the weight-loss itself.

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Clean eating snacks

6 Scrumptious Snacks for the Clean-Eating Noob

14 May 2015

The best advice I can give you when it comes to nourishing your body well, is plan, plan, and plan some more! Our lives are crazy busy and often we get so caught up in our everyday tasks and activities, that it becomes habitual to grab the closest thing to us if we are feeling hungry or peckish. This is why we have to be one step ahead of our own bad habits.

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wholefoods living

The Wholefoods Life: A Simple Guide to Eating Whole and Well

07 May 2015

Whole foods living is all about taking it back to basics – a farm-to-table approach by which we are able to identify the source of the foods we eat and are confident that minimal adulteration has occurred during the harvesting process.

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