Caralishious Blog Posts for September 2017

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Body Love Luxury Lifestyle Brunch and Yoga with Krunch SA and Virgin Active Classic Alice Lane

15 September 2017

This past weekend we hosted our second Body Love event, “Body Love Luxury Lifestyle Brunch and Yoga” in collaboration with Krunch SA and Virgin Active Classic Alice Lane. I cant begin to describe how happy it made me to see so many people come together to honour their bodies in a positive and healthful way. The main aim of creating the Body Love concept has always been to bring like-minded individuals together in a positive, healthy and meaningful way. Loving our bodies is no easy task, especially when we are wrestling with our own personal insecurities ( and lets be honest, we all have something that bothers us), and so to create awareness about loving and embracing the body we have been given, we decided to put together regular events that encourage this movement.

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My Top 5 Healthy Snacks for Spring

04 September 2017

I know so many of us are always on the go and often forget to pack healthy snacks to beat those cravings and see us through the day! When we forget to plan ahead, this is what leads us to turn to vending machines and convenience stores for quick fixes that more often than not end up being unhealthy choices that just don’t serve us or our energy levels. When you feed your body with junk, well that’s exactly what you get…junk. Before you know it, these junk foods pollute our cells and cause us to run slow, feel fatigued and downright lazy! The good news is that we don't have to feel this way.

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