Are Supplements Really Necessary for Good Health?

17 October 2016

Today we live in a world of commercialized foods and fast foods where the emphasis lies in making profits at the expense of health. Wholesome foods, although growing in accessibility, are not easily available other than in health shops.

Other foods available on the market are heavily processed and refined, meaning that the main nutrients in most packaged foods have been removed to extend the shelf life. Those main nutrients which have been discarded are the ones we need most in order to build and maintain our health.

Ideally all the nutrients we need should be obtained from natural foods. If you have access to fertile eggs, homemade breads comprised of freshly ground whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables grown in naturally enriched soils (free from chemical fertilizers and poison sprays), and are avoiding all refined food, then you are obtaining a rich nutrient profile from the foods you are eating and therefore should not need additional supplements.

Interpreting Nutritional Information and Ingredients

However, almost 90% of our foods are refined or processed in such a way that tremendous losses in nutritive value occur. So if our diet in the past has been deficient and/or we are already suffering from fatigue, anaemia, or other deviations from health, our diet should be fortified immediately. Supplements make it possible to overcome deficiencies rapidly.

In addition to nutritive deficits in processed foods, our fast paced lifestyle, stressors, and our environment are key perpetuators of nutritional deficiencies. More often than not this requires us to replenish lost nutrients through the use of supplements.

While I do recommend using supplements to counteract the negative effects of modern day living, I believe that less is more in this area. It is easy to get caught up in trying out all the various supplements available on the market. But I can assure you it is completely unnecessary to go overboard. Rather choose one or two high quality all-natural supplements that provide a variety of nutritive benefits, than 6 or 7 mediocre ones. Also, be sure to supplement only with what you actually need.

I do recommend taking a high quality probiotic and digestive enzymes daily. In addition to the effects of modern day stressors detailed above, the enzymes in our bodies are also targeted, which causes us to experience difficulty in digesting food. On the other hand, certain foods on the market contain chemicals and additives that are bodies do not recognize, and do not have the enzymes to digest. This again can cause digestive problems. Our enzymes consequently get destroyed because they are so hard at work trying to digest chemicals that we are biologically not supposed to be consuming in the first place. Probiotics work by providing us with good bacteria to alleviate the harmful impact of poor nutrition and modern day living on our digestive health, while digestive enzymes assist with breaking down foods more efficiently so that these are properly metabolised and converted into energy for us to use.

To make things just a little easier, I have provided a list of some of the supplements that I take / have taken personally. Please remember that we are all different, and so always be sure to cater to what you need personally, to listen to your body, and to check with your health professional first before embarking on a supplement protocol.

For Digestive Health:

Moringa Oleifera Probiotic Drink

High Quality Probiotic with 15 billion organisms per capsule

Flaxseed Oil

Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (with Mother Enzyme)

Aloe Vera Juice

Digestive Enzymes

Immune Boosters


Olive Leaf Extract

Buffered Vitamin C

Sleep and Relaxation (only if and when required)

Solal Technologies Melatonin

Cal-Mag powder

Rescue Remedy


Biochemical Tissue Salts – to balance the system, mood and remove excess water


For Mental Alertness



Vitamin B complex


Vegan Brown Rice Protein Powder

Vegan Hemp Protein

Vegan Pea Protein Isolate

Please be sure to stay away from main-stream whey protein shakes, supplements, protein bars, or meal replacements. These are heavily laden with chemicals, additives and artificial sweeteners that counteract healthy, balanced nutrition. Also remember that too much protein can put heavy stress on your liver and kidneys.


Aloe Vera Juice – alkalising; prevents inflammation

Adrenal Repair complex

Home remedy: hot water, cinnamon, lemon raw honey and cayenne pepper – to help digestion, cleanse the system and prevent inflammation

Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother Enzyme

Acai berry Powder - antioxidants

Maca Powder – endurance

Salvestrol – powerful antioxidant

L- Glutamine- amino acid for muscle recovery and digestion

Always remember to focus on getting the bulk of your nutrients from a healthy balanced diet. Supplements should only be included to support (not replace) a healthy eating plan.

Natural Supplements

Yours in Health Always




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