Are you Letting Social Media Define your Self-Worth?

21 November 2016

Over the weekend I was chatting to one of my friends about the power of social media and how incredible it is for building businesses. We were also discussing our favourite pages and how incredible some of the women are that we follow. We were going on and on about their beauty and how amazing there physiques are. I’m pretty sure these types of conversations come up all the time amongst women, and in particular, teens…and this makes me wonder to what extent these conversations are internalised. Do we really believe this is what we should be?

What do I mean by this?

Well, being in the social media business industry, I know what goes into the creation of many of these pages - I know how much editing happens, and I know how many apps there are to transform an image from its original to what you see on a feed – and in knowing this, I know not to buy into what I see too much, because a lot of it isn’t real.

are you letting social media define your self worth? 2

I think its common knowledge that celebrity images are heavily altered, and so more and more of us are understanding that what we see in the magazines is not necessarily (in fact it’s definitely not) what these people actually look like in real time. But what many people don’t know is that the same applies to most of the Instagram / social media accounts they follow so vehemently.

The common belief around popular social media accounts is that these are just regular people who we can connect to because, well…they are regular people, just like you and me. Hmmm, ok so yes they ARE regular people, but the images you seeing ARE NOT REGULAR…they may seem causal, but trust me, most of these images are edited, in a big way– even the slightest contrast or filter can make all the difference, and so the final product you see is not quite the real thing. That aside, I can also guarantee you that about 100 shots of the image you see were taken before obtaining that final seemingly natural “just going about my daily life” image was posted.

Now don’t jump down my throat just yet, I know there are also many accounts who try to keep it real by not editing, and yes, some “regular people” are just that beautiful – but the problem is you will never really know! So bottom line is…. don’t buy into any of it!

 Be inspired yes, feel motivated – sure, but don’t EVER let these pages put you down!!

I often think to myself how I would feel seeing these Instagram feeds if I was still a teenager, or if I didn’t know what I do, how would this impact me?

Truth?!?..I’d probably feel like CR * P! And this is the big problem here with all of this social media we are exposed to. So much of it is idealistic..the highlight reel, the best of the best, and many of these young teens look at this stuff and think…damn, why don’t I look like that, or “Why isn’t my life this cool?” – the result…many insecure, depressed individuals, who feel as if their lives are lacking, and genuinely believe that they aren’t pretty or handsome enough, or they aren’t skinny or ripped enough. What scares me is what comes next!? What will these kids do morph themselves or their lives into these ideals? I truly shudder at the thought! And what’s worse, is this happening with everyone – not just teens!

We all need a major reality check! No you will not roll out of bed looking like Kylie Jenner…why?...because Kylie Jenner doesn’t even look like insta Kylie when she wakes up…I mean lets just call a spade a spade…Kylie then and Kylie now aren’t even the same person…just saying!

NO, you do not need to be doing yoga in the Maldives, or sailing on yatchts, or flying in private jets to have a fulfilled and meaningful life. These things are all BS, in the grand scheme of things…so look around you, embrace what you do have and be grateful for the amazing life that is yours to live! All the bells and whistles mean nothing…they are just things! By all means aspire to live a grand life, but please don’t become it!!

Stop the comparisons…its truly a waste of time. You will never be anyone else but you…so start falling in love with yourself, flaws and all. The more you learn to love yourself, the more you will radiate just that…and people will be attracted to you because of it! Don’t waste time trying to be someone else when you can be a freaking amazing YOU!

So please ladies, men, teens, kids, whoever you are…Don’t let social media define you; you should be defining it! Losing yourself online is not the way to live your life. Use social media to share memories with friends and connect with people who share the same interests as you. The online world has given people access to others around the world which can serve as a great learning experience. We shouldn’t obsess over our popularity on social media, but rather on the meaningful experiences we can have through it.

So use your social media platforms to connect, inspire, to educate, to motivate – heck start a business with it! But DONT let it own you – please! You are so much more than likes and images on a screen!

Yours in Health Always,




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