Budget Friendly Grocery Essentials for Healthy Living

02 November 2016

Healthy eating can be very expensive if you buy into all the health hypes. But I can assure you, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to eat well if you do it the smart way. Remember, above all, eating clean means eating simple…(and I mean super simple). You don’t have to be purchasing fancy superfoods or health treats if your budget doesn’t allow for it. Think of these as luxuries – if you have extra cash available to you then you can enjoy those additional items, but for the most part stick to this simple list below and you will see just how affordable healthy eating can be:


Bananas:Remember, you don’t need the entire bunch. You are allowed to pick a few off. Pick a few ripe ones and a few greens ones to minimize waste.

Apples: Always inexpensive, so buy an entire bag

Frozen berries: Can be pricey – look for sales.

Lemonsfor detox water of course


Whole carrots

Onions by the bag

Cabbage - whole

Broccoli – whole

Spinach – full bunch with stalks and leaves

Kale – full bunch with stalks and leaves

Frozen mixed vegetables

(Remember ready prepared veggies are always much more expensive)

Meat and Seafood

Hake fillet

Free Range Chicken Breasts


Rotisserie chicken

Ostrich Mince - its lean and well priced

Dairy and Eggs


Greek yogurt: Full-fat is more filling. Get in a large container.

Eggs: Buy in bulk - eighteen or more.


Sweet Potatoes: You can buy a 5kg bag – these keep well. Look for bulk specials

Brown Rice: Look in the bulk section, it is usually cheaper than the pre-packaged version.

Quinoa: While pricier than rice, it is a complete protein and worth the spend


100% natural Peanut butter

Almonds – buy these in bulk to save

Small container of extra virgin olive oil – pricey but this lasts so again, worth the spend

Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – buy a large 1kg tub

Avocados: Only when in season and on sale, depending where you live.

Other Tips

Don’t Forget Spices: Be sure to have spices on hand for flavour. It’s cost-effective to buy in bulk since you usually only need a small amount. Have salt, pepper, Italian blend, chicken rub, cayenne pepper, cinnamon and cumin in your pantry.

Budget Friendly Grocery Essentials for Healthy Living

Yours in Health Always




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