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17 July 2017

I recently received a special delivery from Blendid South Africa - the newest smoothie pre-mix craze to hit the market! So quick and easy, all you have to do - literally - is chuck the contents of your Blendid pre-mix into your blender, add milk of your choice, whizz together and off you go! The perfect healthy meal for gals (and guys) on the go! And what a treat it was to give these a whirl (no pun intended haha), simple, utterly delicious, frozen (so you can buy lots at a time) and nutritious! This may just be my new favourite!

Blendid 1

I am super busy, AAAAAALLLLL the time, my schedule is always jam packed and often i end up eating the same thing every day because no 1, I know it tastes good, no 2, I know its healthy and nutritious, and 3, its quick and easy. So when a brand comes out with something that really saves me time, that is super healthy and that actually tastes good, I really appreciate the value add. 

blendid 2

Enter Blendid, the latest DIY frozen smoothie pack concept, complete with all the ingredients you need for your smoothie, all you need to do is add a liquid of your choice. No chopping, no shopping for smoothie ingredients, no prep work at all - the only things you need to do is

  • Buy your bendid smoothie bags,
  • Defrost them as needed,
  • Add milk of your choice (you decide or use what is recommended for your pack)
  • Whizz in a blender
  • .....and drink!!

blendid 3

What's so great about these smoothie packs is that the ingredients are 100% real, pure, unprocessed and untarnished.  flash frozen, so all the health properties and enzymes contained in the ingredients are maintained, and you can stock up in bulk, which is really such a big help for people like me who are always on the go, and need a quick-fix nourishing meal. I also really like that they recommend which liquid to add based on the  flavour and ingedients, so at least you have a guideline if you are unsure as to what  the best combo would be. 

The flavours are such a treat too because you have 20 to choose from, so big win - its not same old boring everyday!  And there are dairy free options too! Amen! Finally a brand who gets me (*wink wink*)

blendid collage

So this past weekend (a weekend I actually had to myself...freaking amazing!! lol) I decided to give "THE HULK" a try. This pack consists of spinach, banana, raw unsweetened peanut butter, honey, ginger, cardamom, and whey protein. 

Blendid with almond breeze

Some may find this cobmination somewhat odd, perhaps mismatched at first glance, but I have to say, I really loved it! All pre-portioned so you know you are consuming just the right amount for a single serving...and no wastage! Make my life easier and you will be my best friend haha!

I took a few how-to snaps while making my Blendid smoothie (which went down so well after an intense HITT session at the gym), just to show you how quick and easy this is!!

inside blended pack

I chose to add Almond Breeze unsweetneed almond milk to mine (they recommended coconut milk) which made the combo ultra creamy and delicious.   

blendid with almond breeze in blender

Next I whizzed up "the hulk with 1 cup of amond milk i n a blender...approx 30 seconds. Just a note - I really enjoy thick smoothies, so I blended mine up while the ingredients where still slightly frozen (frozen banana makes the best smoothie texture ever!), but if you prefer your smoothie more liquid, be sure to thaw your smoothie pack completely before blending. 

blendid ready 2

And VOILA! Done and dusted, in my tummy! Oh and totally YUM!!!

I highly recommend you give this a whirl :)

Yours in Health Always




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