Healthy Fathers Day Gift Ideas

17 June 2015

Father’s day is just 4 days away and I know just how tough it can be to pick the perfect gift, especially for those dads who seem to have everything! Given my passion for wellbeing, I always love to find ways to incorporate healthy living into as many areas of life as possible…gifts included! Why not spoil your father with something that he will love and that will also be fantastic for his health. From raw chocolates, health food basket, sport watches or training gear, to massage, spa or  personal vouchers, there are so many healthful gift ideas that you can get really creative with. Here are some of my top ideas below. I hope these inspire you with some fabulous gift ideas especially for dad

Sweet Treats

Who doesn’t love chocolate! Fine and Raw (Monate) is my favourite brand for raw chocolate! Their Coconut and Himalayan sea salt slab and love bonbon truffles are to die for and always go down so well. The packaging is beautiful, and perfect for a slick, chic and delicious gift.

Monate Chocolate

Get Creative DIY Health Basket

I love exploring the local markets and finding delightful artisan foods and craft to creatively pair together for gifts. How about filling a basket with olives, nut butter, healthy pesto’s, chutneys and preserves, seed crackers, meat spices, raw chocolate, pickles, nuts, seeds and dates. If you have time on your hands, why not try making your own artisan dips. Check out mytoppings and dips recipes for some delicious ideas. Don’t forget to buy some jam jars to store your homemade preserves, finish off with a ribbon and a piece of lavender, and there you have a perfect homemade father’s day gift.

Dad Dinner Date

Presents don’t always have to be material things. Great gifts can also come in the form of great memories. Why not take your dad out on a dinner (or lunch date). And better yet, make it a healthy one by getting him to explore healthy eating cuisine at its best. Some of my favourite fine dining health spots in South Africa include Casalinga / Leafy Greens, (Johannesburg) or Babylonstoren (Western Cape). If you really want to go above and beyond, take your dad to see a movie or theatre production after your lunch/dinner date.

Get Cooking

Sometimes the thought and effort of a gift is most appreciated. How about preparing your dad a delicious lunch. Check out my Recipes for some fun and healthy ideas. Maybe a roasr lamb with rosemary scented root vegetables, a strawberry and avo salad, and perhaps some coconut milk ice-cream to finish off a perfect meal. If you don’t have time to make your own ice-cream, don’t worry I’ve got your back…you can always spoil dad with some Caralishious Coconut Milk Ice-Cream, paired with fresh assorted fruit and berries.

Get Dad Fit

Buying your dad a voucher for a personal training session, a golf lesson, a tennis lesson or even some pilates sessions is a great way to get him exploring different exercise options and hobbies! I’ve bought tennis lessons for my dad before, and he’s really enjoyed them - so much so he continued with it and bought some more.

How about buy a gift card for classes at some wonderful fitness studios in Johannesburg or Cape Town. My favourites include love Sweat 1000, Switch (Cape Town only), Movement X, Go Yoga, Yoga Warrior and Zen Pilates.


If your Dad is into his running or cycling; or he just keeps going on about losing a bit of weight and getting fitter, than this is an ideal present! He may not have been thinking of buying one himself, but I assure you these watches are a fantastic tool to help you get fit and monitor your progress. They become pretty addictive, and they’re the kind of present that lasts forever! The Nike watch is brilliant, as well as the new apple watch. They’re both on the pricier end of things, so think about asking your siblings to chip in too

Lets Get Personal

From personalised aprons, wooden boards to golf clubs and gardening tools - this is another way to make your present that much more unique. I buy so many personalised gifts from Not on the High! If none of the ideas above ignited any present buying inspiration have a look at their website at: Don’t forget to factor in delivery time!

I hope these tips help! Happy Fathers day to all the special dads out there!

Yours in Health Always,



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