How to Cope When You're Having a Blue Day

11 July 2016

Have you ever had one of those days when, despite having the best of intentions and doing all the right things, you just feel a bit...Off? Maybe you have these kinds of days fairly regularly? If so don’t worry, you are not alone!

As much as we would all love to feel 100% every single day, having ‘low days’ is just part of life. In some ways, having those low days actually helps us to really appreciate the good days! That being said, it can be really hard, not to mention frustrating to deal with the not-so-good days!

Sometimes there can be a physical reason why we are feeling a bit down. Perhaps it is hormonal, just part of our monthly cycle, other times we might be a bit tired or just haven’t had enough to eat. Emotional triggers can also initiate low mood. It is always worthwhile to be aware of these things so that you can assess why you are feeling low. I often find that a good Vitamin B injection every now and again can work wonders in elevating my mood and energy levels. Low iron is also a common cause for feeling depressed – so be sure to check this regularly.

In spite of the above, every now and then we have one of those days when we are feeling ‘blah’ for no apparent reason. We know we have been sleeping well, eating right, exercising regularly yet we still feel really low. - And these can be the most challenging days because at least when we know there is a reason, we can more easily accept it and know it will pass!

This is something I have experienced recently and I have now learnt to accept that some days, for whatever reason, I just feel off. I don’t feel motivated, I don’t feel enthusiastic and really all I want to do is be alone. When I recognise I am having one of these days there are two things I do.

First off all I like to take a nice relaxed walk on my own. I usually pick somewhere remote and close to nature. Feeling the energizing warmth of the suns rays can also help in a big way (lack of Vitamin D can also leave you feeling blue).  If even after some fresh air and a nice walk I am still feeling low, then I accept that this is how I feel in this moment and try not to give myself a hard time. We are so quick to engage in negative self-judgement every time we feel “not good” because feeling happy is the way we are “supposed to feel” (at least that’s what we’re told). Sometimes we just feel the way we feel – and that’s ok. You can’t be “perfect and happy and full of life” every single day – after all, we aren’t robots! Burying feelings can sometimes lead them to resurface late on at a much higher intensity which is not good either – so let yourself feel how you feel – acknowledge those feelings, accept them, let them stay as long as they need, and then let them pass. Feelings are just visitors – they come and go. A feeling does not define you, so don’t become your feelings.

People often expect someone like me to feel energetic all the time, because fitness, balance and holistic health are all defining elements of my lifestyle and my profession. But I am just like everyone else, I have down days too! One of the most important bits of advice I can give you when you experience a down day is just to accept that is how you are feeling, that it is temporary and offer yourself love and compassion. Because the last thing you need when you are already feeling low, is to give yourself a hard time for feeling that way!

Be kind to yourself and accept that in life there will be the ups and there will be downs, just try to stay kind to yourself through them both!

Yours in Health Always




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