How to Find That Balance in Your Daily Life

09 October 2015

Our modern day obsession with wanting more and more doesn’t leave much room for balance. The more we achieve, the more we want, and consequently, the more we have to work. It’s a toxic cycle, one that can impact our heath drastically, if not managed correctly. I too get caught up in this “wanting more” mentality, and i have seen how my wellbeing suffers, as a result. I know how important it is for me to know when enough is enough, and to take some time to relax and rejuvenate my body and mind. Establishing a healthy balance is essential for maintaining our mind-body connection, because it is this connection that enables us to be more innovative, creative and productive. It allows us to be at peace – and when we are at peace great ideas and solutions flow more freely to us.

I completely understand just how difficult it is to find balance – it doesn’t just happen overnight – it is something we have to work at. These are the tools i use to work at finding balance in my life, and they work really well. I hope these tips can help you out too.

Don’t Get Caught Up

It is not uncommon to find yourself getting extremely caught up in what you eat, when and how much  - it really just isn’t practical every day of our lives to obsess over food when we’re running around from one place to the next. By allowing yourself to understand this is the first step to achieving balance when it comes to your food choices. Let’s face it, sometimes there just isn’t a health restaurant or a packed lunch at your disposal, and that’s ok! As long as you are eating healthy most of the time, the odd “mishap’ here and there really won’t make a difference. Having a treat here and there is also ok. Life can be overwhelming at times and sometimes we just need to let loose.

Stay Mindful

Staying mindful in your approach to all aspects of your life is essential when aiming to find balance. Being fully present in each moment (or as much as can be) and being coginscant of the choices you make is an integral part of finding balance, being happy and preventing a build of of anxiety. Be aware of your thoughts too…these can make or break a moment.

Allow Yourself Some ME Time

It’s so important to allow yourself some ‘me time’ to really get to know you. Allow your body to simply chill out and stay fully in the moment. Give yoga and meditation classes a try - these allow you to simply enjoy what you are doing without having to worry about anything going on in your normal life. Take a bath, picnic in your garden or at your nearest park, go for a long walk or spend some time focussing on your breathing. These are all great ways to enjoy some me-time. Find something that you really want to do – that puts you in a state of complete relaxation and do it – for you!

Take a Break from the Tech!

Although technology has its perks ( and let’s face it, we pretty much couldn’t live without it now), there are downsides to it too which can sometimes prevent you from detaching yourself  from your work. Allowing yourself some space away from your phone, tablet, laptop etc for even an hour a day can work wonders for finding balance in your life - forget ‘tech savvy’, let’s get balance-savvy!

Surround Yourself with Positive People

We underestimate just how much of an influence the people we spend time with have on us and our daily happiness. When we are surrounded by people who are positive, we subconsciously allow ourselves to enjoy life more and therefore don’t feel so bogged down by those who bring negativity into our lives. Choosing to spend time with people who bring the best out in you will give you an almost unplanned sense of balance - positive people come with stress-releasing side-effects!

Get Moving

Setting aside some time to exercise for even a few hours each week is vital for balance. A simple stroll in the street, a run around your local park, taking up an exercise class, or even enjoying an interactive yoga class on your tablet, will help you to destress, relax and restore. Exercise releases endorphins which will make you feel good and bring about new focus. Exercise allows you the permission to switch off from real life, and to be in your own company and your own space- resist the temptation to take your phone with you though!

Treat Yourself

Treating yourself creates the ultimate platform for obtaining balance in your life. When you are having a bad day, it’s so important to take a little bit of time out to do something that, through no permission by anyone other than yourself, makes you feel great and allows you to the freedome to just be ! Think watching your fave tv programme, making your favourite dinner, catching up with a friend or booking yourself in for a manicure - as long as it makes you feel special, don’t feel at all guilty in any way!  You are allowed to pamper yourself – so do it!

If these tips haven’t convinced you enough, I urge you to think twice about saying yes to everything and trusting that sometimes by closing that laptop, turning on an episode of your favourite series, starting that special book, and enjoying your meal of choice really can do wonders for your overall wellbeing by helping you to create the perfect balance.

Yours in health always,




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