How to Get that Summer Body without Dieting...Ever!

19 September 2016

Its about that time of year where so many women begin obsessing over getting the “perfect summer body”, and I want to tell you today that we really need to stop doing this!

The lengths that some people are willing to go to, to achieve this body ideal is just plain crazy! Restrictive diets are just not worth it trust me! Yes it will work for a while, but I can GUARANTEE YOU it wont stick.

How can it?

When you deprive your body of essential nutrients it becomes malnourished, and in order to counteract this, your body goes into starvation mode – meaning that anything you eat, not matter what it is will get converted into fat and stored. Your body does this to protect itself – to protect you! – this is a survival mechanism that your body implements to prevent you from starving to death. i mean think if you were in the middle of nowhere and food was scarce – here your survival is literally under threat, so your body adapts by going into survival mode and storing any food you do eat as fat, in order to provide you with sufficient warmth and energy. You see your body can’t tell the difference between involuntary starvation as a result of dire circumstances, and voluntary starvation for aesthetic reasons, so its going to do what it needs to do to help you survive – that’s its main aim. How thin and toned you are is not a concern to the internal workings of the human body.

So please, I ask you to STOP with the deprivation already! It’s a waste of time – its not going to get you the results you want and its outright destructive to your body. When you starve your body, you put it under immense stress – this means the release of lots of cortisol, along with unbalanced hormones and fatigue.

There is nothing wrong with having a great body (as perceived by you of course), but it should be viewed as the by product of a healthy lifestyle and NOT the focal point. You need to care for your body, not abuse it. How can your body respond favourably if you keep on hurting it?

To eat healthily isn’t only to create the most physically attractive version of yourself (which is undeniably a bonus), but to have the right foods on the inside to allow you to be the absolute best version of yourself, in ways that truly count- way that will encourage you to flourish in every area of your life.

Here are some great ways to keep your focus in the right place:


You dont have to be a personal trainer to know that exercise is extremely vital for your overall health and wellbeing, not only for your body but for your mind. However, just because you may not be following the workout fad of the month or subscribing to the latest set of workout videos doesn’t automatically mean you won’t feel amazing. What is most important here is that you actually like…no, LOVE whatever it is that you’re doing. If you dread running or can’t stand yoga, the answer is simple, just don’t do it! There are a wealth of different options out there to explore when it comes to exercise, from boxing combined with pilates, a variety of HITT workouts, fluorescent spinning classes or local boot camps.. the only advice to really consider here is not to worry which path to exercising you take, but instead to simply get moving in whichever way makes you happy. Love the movement you do and it will keep you coming back.


There are countless diet plans and ‘rules’ out there to follow but many disclaim that ultimately what you eat has to work for you. Some people may thrive off a diet filled with lots of good fats including avocado and nuts, and others’ bodies may completely disagree with it, equally a certain amount of carbohydrate in a person’s diet may need to be different depending on whether or not their body can take it and thrive off it. Ultimately, the best diet that works for you will be the one that allows you to want to wake up each morning and reach your fullest potential whilst enjoying the food that you’re eating. Food shouldn’t just be fuel, though at the same time it should provide your body (most of the time) with the potential to be the best version of yourself and ultimately feel amazing.


Just think about this for a second – there is no one else like you. You are completely and totally unique. Your body shape, your eyes, your skin tone, your hair, the shape of your face, all of it is 100% original. So tell me this then – why on earth would you want to look like someone else? Surely being completely 100% authentic is something to celebrate? Why are we all trying so hard to conform to a specific body type or “look” when we have this amazing unique body and face, and our own one-of-a-kind thoughts and abilities – surely THAT is the part to focus on. So come on…embrace you…all of you...for the unique, one-of-a-kind, never before seen individual that you are!

How to Get that Summer body without Dieting

Yours in Health Always




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