Keeping it Healthy on a Budget

03 June 2015

Health is more often than not perceived to be a luxury rather than a necessity. And here is where we all go fundamentally wrong! Yes, leading a healthy lifestyle is undoubtedly more expensive day to day – but what we need to realise is that it is all about the bigger picture - not about the here and now!

Our health is the best investment we can ever make - it helps us mitigate illness, injury and disease – without our health we have nothing. Think about it – if you are always ill, how you can lead a normal life? Of course there are extraneous factors that we cannot control for, but in order to live blissfully and successfully we need to care for those factors that ARE in our control – our health being the most important of all. Would you rather spend a little more on your health now or incur massive medical expenses later on in life? Again, it is all about the bigger picture.

In terms of day-to-day affordability, it is unnecessary to go overboard with healthy living. There are plenty of ways to implement healthy lifestyle changes without breaking the bank. Some of these are even free.

  1. If you are on a tight budget, run in the park instead of paying for a gym contract;
  2. Make use of tube video exercise tutorials to learn yoga / Pilates rather than spending money on a class. Some of the world’s best yoga teachers provide online yoga lessons for free!
  3. Buy organic vegetables only if and when you can. You can also source a market in your area that sells local produce supplied by small farms. These are close enough to organic and will provide you with plenty of health benefits
  4. No need to buy all the fancy superfoods that are all the rage at the moment – these are luxuries, not essentials.
  5. Stick to lots of vegetables, fruit, nuts, legumes and seeds as part of your daily diet.
  6. Proteins are usually the most expensive items in a shopping cart, therefore try to reduce these for consumption 2-3 times per week and stack up on veggies, legumes, whole grains and beans instead.
  7. Keep your meals packed with vegetables and fruits that are in season.
  8. No need to buy pre-packaged products. Cereals, junk food, sauces, precooked meals, and other processed foods are both expensive and completely unnecessary. You will be amazed at how much your grocery bill will reduce by eliminating these from your shopping cart!
  9. Eat in, cooking your own food and opt for real and natural wholefoods.
  10. Keep the food you eat simple and nourishing – you don’t have to be buying fancy superfoods, just keep it simple and you will see that healthy living can be very affordable.

Wholefoods living is inexpensive, healthy and completely amazing for you in every way! So go on, no more excuses! Just do it!

Yours in Health Always,



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