Make your Health a Top Priority!

17 November 2014

The foundational principles uponwhich my approach to wellness rests are mindfulness, nourishment, movement , enrichment and relaxation. I believe theseto be the key interconnected areas in each of our lives that must be nurtured daily in order for us to sustain our wellbeing. When we are present, aware, well-nourished,sufficiently exercised, enriched and relaxed, we are able to function at ourpeak. I believe that wellness should never be segmented;rather dynamic and holistic â€“ this means that eating healthy andexercising while highly beneficial are not going to provide a lifechanging sensation of vitality if other areas of our lives are out of sync. Wemust be attentive to the needs that exist within each of these facets inorder for our health to be optimised. The cyclical and interconnected nature ofthese principles are much like the functioning of the human body. Our bodiesare constantly working towards creating internal homeostasis (state of balance)in order to function properly. The most important fact here is that our bodiesare constantly working towards attaining and maintaining thisbalance. Supporting a state of wellness requires much the same consistency –as individuals, we must each consistently work towards achieving balance,synchronicity and harmony between these key areas of our lives in order tooptimise our health, and consequently our ability to be the best possibleversions of ourselves.

Fatigue, stress and anxiety areall a function of imbalance in our lives which in turn promotes thephysical build-up of toxins, and consequently an internal homeostaticdisturbance - That is, the physical manifestation of a chaotic mentalstate. As a result, our bodies are required to work harder and faster tore-establish and maintain the balance necessary to function. Because ourbodies are operating at a higher level of intensity to remove toxins andrestore equilibrium, we feel depleted and are unable to source the energythat would otherwise allow us to function at our peak.

Training ourselves to nurture each of these dynamics requires that wellbeing become a priority. Our health is our number one life source. Without our healthwe can do nothing. Therefore our health is more than deserving of a top priorityranking. Integrating our health into our daily lives requires someadjustment – finding time to prepare nutritious meals, exercising regularly, obtainingenough rest, and being mentally present in everything that we do. However, theenergy and vitality that prioritising our health affords will enable us totackle daily challenges far more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

Imagine a life where you are able to conquer tasks, challenges and responsibilitiesin record time, with plenty of energy left at the end of each day – this is allpossible if you allow yourself the opportunity to be healthy. You deserve unlimited health, vitality and wellnessto give life all you've got - all it takes isthe decision to try.

Yours in Health Always,



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