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18 November 2021

Nothing resonates with my soul quite like a day out with my adorable ball of fluff, Cielo. He is a vibrant Pomeranian, already 11 years old, but still full of life and energy, and fitter than ever thanks to his healthy diet, and our regular adventures.

Cielo 1

One of the biggest things I have learned in being a pet parent, is that having a dog is a huge commitment, especially if you want to get the best out of your little buddy and see them enjoy longevity! It is one of the hardest things to accept that our pets live such a short life when compared to our own, and therefore investing in their health is imperative! I am big on diet for Cielo, particularly now in his older years! I like to provide him with a good variety to ensure that he obtains all the nutrients he needs for strong bones, supple joints, and a healthy heart.

Cielo 2

My go to staple for him is Eukanuba dog food for small breeds – what I really like about this food in particular is that it is formulated for healthy active lives and contains a good balance of fats and carbohydrates for sustained energy. It also boasts a high percentage of animal protein combined with glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate to help support lean muscles and agile joins. These supplements are particularly helpful for Pomeranians who tend to struggle with luxating patellas (this is when the knee pops out of its socket which can cause tendon and ligament damage over time), and so joint protection is absolutely key! Eukanuba also contains DHA and antioxidants to support healthy brain functioning as well as its very own Dentadefense complex which is proven to reduce tartar build up!

Cielo 3

In addition to  Eukanuba, I give Cielo a combination of parsley, spinach, turmeric, and pumpkin seeds which I blend up and add to his food – this special concoction prevents inflammation, boosts his immune system and maxes up his antioxidant consumption. I even include lean cooked chicken breasts which I mix into his Eukanuba, along with carrots and butternut. It is very healthy to provide your dog with a variety of healthy vegetables and animal proteins, to ensure that they receive all the nutrients they need. I sometimes even give Cielo raw meat from a raw food specialist (always pre-frozen to kill off any bacteria) to boost his immune system and to ensure he obtains all the essential nutrients he needs.

Cielo 4

Of course, health is never complete without good exercise, so I make sure to get my little Cielo out and about at least 3-4 times per week to #ExploreTheGreatOutdoors. I make particular use of the weekends to go adventuring with him. Because he is older and small, I don’t take him out for too long as it can be hard on his joints, but he does love a good 30–40-minute walk in the park. If you are based in Johannesburg, be sure to try out the James and Ethel Gray Park in Birdhaven – this is a perfect spot for your baby to frolic, roam and socialise with other buds, especially on a Sunday afternoon! There is also the Echo Dog Park in Fourways as well as Walk Haven in Muldersdrift (a real treat!)! The Wilds near Killarney, Emmerentia Dam and Delta Park also serve to be fantastic pooch friendly spots for the perfect day out with your bestie!

Cielo 5

Cielo is very social so I try and include him as much as I can in my human get togethers. Remember a dog’s mental wellbeing is just as important as their physical health, and so including them in your life as much as possible will add so much value to theirs! Cielo loves a drive in the car and joining me on lunches with friends. Some great dog friendly spots that I regularly frequent in Johannesburg include Fresh Earth in Craighall Park, Voodoo Lily Café in Birdhaven (they even have a pet menu), Arbour Café in Illovo, and Tashas in Melrose Arch. All these restaurants are very accommodating to having your best bud sit with you and enjoy some time out with you and your friends! Cielo loves this and he often sits on my lap at the table - he loves being included in everything – even in the conversation!

When we are out and about together, I always make sure to take a packet of Eukanuba pellets  and a flask of water with me so that Cielo has a little snack to enjoy, and to ensure he is well hydrated!

Cielo 6

Just like Eukanuba does in the formulation of their dog foods, I like to apply the holistic body-mind-energy approach to looking after my little Cielo, because I know that when these three elements of his health are nurtured correctly, Cielo is and will continue to be happy, healthy, and full of life!

If you are considering becoming a pet parent, please remember that it is a big responsibility and involves a lot of your time, effort, and energy. If you are not home often or are regularly travelling then having a pet would not be the right decision – after all, you must think about your pet’s wellbeing above all – the more you can put in, the more value you derive from your bud, and the happier you both will be, so always make this decision with your pet’s happiness as the primary determining factor!

Cielo 7

Yours in Health Always



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