MIND BODY GREEN FEATURE: 15 Tricks to be Smart about the Carbs you Eat

01 September 2015

My latest contribution to Mind Body Green is a really hot topic right now - particularly in South Africa, where banting has become all the rage. While I most certainly believe banting has its place, I also cant ignore that our bodies are different, and so our nutrition needs will inevitably be different too - which means our carb intake needs will ALSO vary. Nutrient-rich carbs such as whole grains, fruit, starchy vegetables, and even the occasional piece of pie can (and should!) be part of a well-balanced diet that's free from guilt. Cutting out ALL carbs may help people lose weight in the short term, but this can lead to a very restrictive, unhealthy relationship with food. These are the 15 tricks that I apply when choosing carbs. Take a look! 

15 Tricks to Be Smart About the Carbs you Eat

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