My Top 5 Healthy Snacks for Spring

04 September 2017

Finally the warm weather is here! Don’t you just looove that spring feeling! I’m sure you can’t wait to bring out all those gorgeous summer dresses right?!...eeek me too!But let’s talk snacks! And in particular light, healthy snacks for spring…yes!

I know so many of us are always on the go and often forget to pack healthy snacks to beat those cravings and see us through the day! When we forget to plan ahead, this is what leads us to turn to vending machines and convenience stores for quick fixes that more often than not end up being unhealthy choices that just don’t serve us or our energy levels. When you feed your body with junk, well that’s exactly what you get…junk. Before you know it, these junk foods pollute our cells and cause us to run slow, feel fatigued and downright lazy! The good news is that we don't have to feel this way. A little prep goes a long way, and trust me you will thank yourself for coming prepared with the healthy stuff, especially when a hunger emergency strikes!

With that in mind, here are my five favourite healthy snacks that are not only excellent for you, but will keep you slim and trim.

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Packed with magnesium and phytochemicals (which are amazing anti-cancer fighters) almonds are the perfect snack when you're out and about on your daily errands, running in between meetings or keeping an eye on the little ones. Just 20-25 almonds contain as much calcium as ¼ cup of milk. Did I mention they also give you tons of energy? Oh yeah! Just be sure you find raw almonds, and not the ones which have been heated or roasted, since these processes take away from the essential nutrients of the almond. If you find you have a hard time digesting almonds -- the outer layer of almonds contains an acid that sometimes makes it hard for people to digest -- you can always soak them overnight in either water or green tea – these are also called activated almonds (yup, now you know what all those health nuts are talking about when they go on and on about activated nuts lol!)

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Dark Chocolate

Yes, its okay to eat chocolate. I love chocolate and eat it every week. Chocolate in its purest form actually contains many wonderful benefits! So there are plenty of reasons for us to eat up and enjoy!! For example, it can reduce the risk of blood clots, lower our levels of bad cholesterol and it contains serotonin to help boost our mood. Even better, it's an aphrodisiac. But not all chocolate is created equal. Always best to stick to the purest dark chocolate that is sweetened with xylitol or stevia. Other more commercial varieties of chocolate tend to be heavily processed, contain added fats, dairy sugar and a whole bunch of other no no’s!! These variants lose as many as half of the beneficial flavonoids that are found in natural dark chocolate. So when you're craving chocolate, remember – the darker the better!!

Green Smoothies

Green smoothies are one of my favourite healthy snacks. They are full of nutrients and vital enzymes, and make for the perfect brekkie on the go! To make your green smoothie, simply blend together some of your favourite fruits – such as 1 banana, a cup of strawberries or 1 green apple -- with a handful of spinach and half an avocado. Toss in a little almond milk or water and blend altogether. The result is a yummy green drink that will get you through your day. When I have a green smoothie in the morning, I always feel so satisfied and never hit that 4pm slump that we all know so well.

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Frozen watermelon

So I know this is a tough on to carry around with you, but what I usually do it place my frozen watermelon squares in a cooler box with loads of ice packs and this seems to do the trick when it comes to keeping them nice and cool. Frozen watermelon is much like enjoying a fruit popsicle minus all that added sugar!! Such a win for the waistline but also for your health too! Watermelon is packed with vitamins A, B6 and C, loads of lycopene, antioxidants and amino acids. There's even a little potassium too so don’t be shy…load up and trust me….freeze a few slices and see what I mean…so good!!

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Banana Bites

Bananas are a fantastic source of potassium and low GI carbohydrates which means sustained energy for many hours. Try this fun recipe to really make things interesting…and delicious! Simply slice banana and dip in a mixture of melted coconut oil, crushed almonds, cinnamon and 1 tsp. stevia. Place on baking tray lined with wax paper and bake for 15 minutes. Drizzle with macadamia nut butter for some extra yumminess! Store in an airtight container or freeze in small batches.

Remember, a little prep goes a long way when it comes to snacks, so keep it clean, and snack smart…your body will thank you and show the love in return!

Yours in Health Always



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