My Top 8 Healthy Travel Essentials

29 November 2015

I am off to Dubai today for an amazing 2 week holiday. I am so excited! I absolutely love travelling – learning about different cultures, meeting new people and finding new inspiration from new surroundings. Travel is amazing, but I find it hard on my body and my energy levels, especially because of long plane flights, and change in time zones. I want to make the most of my time away and I have found that these great travel essentials really help me feel fresh and energized after long periods of travel.

Healthy travel snacks

Because of the way I eat, often airlines do not cater to my specific nutritional needs, so I like to come prepared. I usually have a small packet of mixed raw nuts, seeds, goji berries and dates in my bag. I also like to bring some homemade date balls with, and a homemade protein bar to ensure that I am well-nourished during my flight. Dates are particularly important for fibre to ensure that your tummy is regular. I often find that flying disrupts healthy bowel movements, so be sure to load up on fibre during your flight to prevent bloating and discomfort.

Vitamin C 1000mg

Planes can be a breeding ground for bacteria with the recycled air that we breathe in. This means I need to give my immune system an extra boost. I like a strong dose of Vitamin C before, during and after my flight to protect against infection and bacteria. 


Because of the sudden change in cuisine coupled with irregular eating times when on holiday, I make sure to take probiotics with me to keep my digestion healthy and my tummy regular.

Spirulina Tablets

Spirulina is packed with amino acids (65% amino acid profile), nutrients and antioxidants to keep us healthy and full of energy during travel. It also helps removes toxins from the blood and protects our bodies from the radiation from the plane. I take 1-2 tablets before, during and after flying.


Not everywhere in the world is equipped with all the health foods we are used to back at home. I always make sure to take my own natural sweetener with so that I can enjoy coffee, tea or breakfast.

Rescue Remedy

With travel comes lots of excitement and even a little anxiety if you are a nervous flyer, and this can leave you feeling too hyped up to sleep.  I always keep rescue remedy with me to keep me calm and relaxed during travel, so that I can ease into sleep and enjoy my trip.

Sleeping mask

There is nothing worse than trying to sleep when there are bright lights shining on you in every direction. It is important to be in darkness when trying to sleep, to support melatonin production (light destroys production of melatonin). I like to use a sleeping mask to enjoy a restorative sleep during travel, which really helps with jetlag too.

Herbal Tea bags

I try to avoid any caffeine while flying as this dehydrates me and contributes to more jet lag. Instead I bring my own herbal teas with and enjoy sipping on these throughout the flight. I especially love ginger and lemon, or chamomile tea to keep me feeling calm and relaxed.


You cant bring water with you on the plane, but I recommend drinking a glass every hour to keep your body well hydrated. Even if it means regular trips to the bathroom, believe me its worth it!

I will be sharing some of my travels with you via my Instagram @caralishious. I love sharing my healthy finds, how I’m keeping fit and what delicious healthy meals I have been enjoying while on holiday, so stay tuned for more healthy travel tips and keeping it healthy in Dubai!

Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season!

Yours in Health Always,




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