Rethinking Food for Nourishment

16 April 2015

Eating should never be considered as JUST something we do when we hungry. It should be thought of as a therapeutic activity through which we are able to nourish and heal our bodies.

Within our image-obsessed society, we have become so fixated on controlling the size of our bodies, that we have completely lost sight of the essence and purpose of food. As women, we worry so much about what foods will make us fat or what foods will make us thin, that we completely forget the part about food being for nourishment!

Proper nourishment is the mindful ingestion of a sufficient balance of healthy fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals so that we can energize our bodies at a cellular level in order to function optimally. Without the correct balance of nutrients, we are rendered tired, lethargic, moody, listless…and yes sometimes even fat!

Weight gain is really just the by-product of a myriad of internal imbalances that are as a result preventing the body from processing and burning fat for energy effectively. Unstable blood sugar levels, stress, overly restrictive diets, binge eating, and the large consumption of processed foods are key contributors to poor nourishment and consequently weight gain.

We really don’t give our bodies enough credit. Our bodies are intelligent organisms that self-regulate. It is not in the interests of our bodies’ to store excess fat – it is counterproductive to our survival and therefore our bodies don’t want to do that! The problem lies in how we treat our bodies! How can we expect our bodies to operate optimally (as they should be) if we are engaging in destructive behaviours such as starving ourselves, not getting enough sleep, or feeding ourselves toxic foods?

You can’t expect a flower to blossom if you water it with petrol and leave it in a dark cupboard right? The same goes for our bodies! If we poison our bodies with toxic substances, unhealthy food or destructive behaviours, our bodies’ can’t possibly be expected to function properly. But if we nourish our bodies mindfully and with care, our bodies will respond with energy, vitality, radiant skin and of course weight loss! In other words – our bodies’ will function optimally!

Let’s stop fixating on food as the fat or thin generator! Let’s start looking to food for nourishment, for health – for well-being!

What does your body need?  - Start asking yourself that, and become more attuned to how your body is feeling; what macronutrients it needs; how much rest it requires, and then…listen to it!

Your body is smart! Don’t underestimate it. Treat it with care, show it respect, and it will reward you accordingly. Look to food for nourishment and watch how your body responds!

Yours in Health Always,



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