23 November 2020

Ladies, lets be honest, hair removal can be such a major pain right!! Time consuming, beyond painful and just outright annoying!!!! And lets not even mention bikini waxing…I feel like there should be trauma counselling for that lol!!

Coming from a hybrid Lebanese-Italian background (which we like to call Lebtalian), I am all too familiar with the joys of abundant hair – which is both a blessing and a curse let me tell you! So in November 2018 when The Laser Beautique contacted me to try out their new pain free laser hair removal machine, I was honestly so stoked! I had been dabbling with the idea of laser for a while, but I am not fond of pain (quite a baby with needles and discomfort of any kind in general) so while the end result was highly desirable, the journey to get there….hmmmm nah too much pain (yep…this is what she says, but then still goes for waxes..I mean zero logic people!)

The beauty about The Laser Beautique (TLB) is that their laser is actually pain free (as in for reals pain free!!!) so this for me was THE DREAM!!! And of course I was totally in!!!

So end of 2018, the war against my Lebtalian leg follicles began – and let me tell you, there was no contest! From the first session my follicles lost about 50% of their strongest men  - and my follicles can break steel so you must know how well this worked!! Throughout 2019 I went for about 5 sessions every 6 to 8 weeks (best practice is to go for a session every six weeks), which saw those follicles dwindle beautifully! Already by April 2019 I only had to shave a few patches every so often, but I was already able to enjoy the pleasure of not having to worry about hair on my legs. With the shitstorm that has been 2020, I had to miss a few months of laser, but thank goodness the majority of my follicles had already been detonated (shame bless them) so recently I have had touch up sessions just to target the remaining areas. I am pretty sure by Jan 2021 I will be completely leg hair free!!! So that means around 12 sessions in total to address smaller areas, but amazing results can be expected from even the first session!!  OMG THE EXCITEMENT…to never have to lift a razor or book a wax again! Thank you TLB!!

If you are anything like I was and are unsure about laser…it is really effective, is it really pain-free…type of concerns, then I am here to tell you that it really is SO DAMN WORTH IT!

Its not cheap, but the beauty of laser is that you are spending a bit more now to save for your lifetime! I mean just think about how much your waxes and general hair removal products cost you over time…it all add up, so in my opinion, and I am sure you can agree, it’s a fantastic investment!! And you can pay per session so its not as if you have to commit to the full amount up front.

Lazer 2

In terms of cost you are looking at around between R1770 –  R2200 per session for pain free leg laser, depending on if you choose full leg or half leg. TLB often has specials so if you are a subscriber to their e-mails, you will be able to benefit from all the discounts that they offer throughout the year.

Is it really pain free? YES YES 1000% YES!! You may feel a little prickle sensation here and there but it is so minor, and the cooling gel that is placed on your skin beforehand does wonders to prevent any feeling of heat. It is such a pleasure! And the professionalism with which the therapists conduct each treatment is such an added bonus!! I really do enjoy each and every single one of my treatments!

TLB ensures to sanitize absolutely everything before and after use, masks are worn and so you feel completely protected and safe throughout the process. You can see that TLB is highly concerned about the health and wellbeing of its clients.

Lazer 3

A few key tips to consider when going for laser:

1. Make sure you do not have any sun exposure at least two weeks before and two weeks after each session. My advice is to try avoid sun exposure altogether during laser to prevent pigmentation.

2. Always shave the night before your laser session – try not to shave the day of, especially if you have sensitive skin, as this can cause irritation.

3. Use Aloe vera gel after each session to prevent bumps or redness, although I havent had any issues with this personally (that tough Lebtalian skin can handle pretty much anything)

4. Your sessions should be six weeks apart for best results

5. Best results are seen on dark think hair, so always bear this in mind when considering whether or not to try laser.

Just remember that results vary from person to person, so you may need a lot more sessions than me, or perhaps a lot less – this will depend on the type of hair you have, hormones, and your hair growth cycle.

Its honestly the best thing I could have done, and I highly recommend TLB for laser treatment!!

Laser 1

If you have had laser, please let me know how your experience has been with treatment and results? I would love to hear

Here’s to happy hair-free days babes

Yours in Health Always



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