Kitchen Toolbox

Kitchen Toolbox

Here is a sneak peek into my very own kitchen toolbox– my must haves, extra goodies and travel essentials. I’m almost certain that whatever utensils, tools and gadgets you have in your kitchen are ample. There is always a way to make do with what you have already - so no need to splurge unnecessarily. But if you can, it really is a big time saver when you have the right kitchen equipment. 

Chopping Board

Must Haves:

Good quality Chef’s knifea MUST in the kitchen

Wooden chopping board

Food Processor

Tea kettle

Mason Jars – For storage

Standing mixer

Spice jars with cork lidsI love using these to keep my spices fresh and beautifully displayed

Water filterour tap water is often filled with nasty metals that are not so good for us. Placing a water purifier on your kitchen taps can help to cleanse the water and remove any impurities. Definitely a good buy if daily bottled spring water is a bit of a stretch on the budget

Silicon baking bread panperfect for making non-flour breads as the silicon prevents sticking and breakage

Silicon cupcake holdersthese are great for sticky batters and are completely reusable and so colourful!

Blenderfor all your smoothie needs! Some food processors come with interchangeable blades and can function as blenders too.

Coffee grinderthis can be used to grind nuts and seeds too so that you can make your own wheat free flours

Stainless steel cooking pot

Non-stick frying pan

Wokso that your very large veggie stir fry doesn’t spill out of your normal sized pan

Stainless steel veggie steaming basket – to place in your cooking pot to prevent your veggies from being completely immersed in water (this causes all essential vitamins and minerals to leech out)

Kitchen equipment - juicer

Extra Goodies

Spiralizer amazing for making zucchini noodles

Bamboo basketgreat for steaming veggies!

Mortar and Pestle

Herb Scissors makes chopping herbs so much easier!

Tea strainer cuptwo in one!

Juicer pricey but brilliant to make fresh delicious juices

Milk frotherperfect for making chai almond milk lattes..yum!

Acti-fry Air fryerI use this all the time to make just about anything! Makes the most perfect sweet potato / butternut / eggplant fries! Only a tiny bit of oil required!

Dehydrator perfect for making kale chips

Ice-Cream Maker – from sorbets to healthy ice-cream alternatives this machines is the best for quick and easy frozen desserts!

Picnic Basket

Travel Essentials

Mason jarsyou can put virtually anything in here!

Stainless steel lunch box

Glass water bottle

Infused water bottle

Lunch cooler box

Bamboo utensils

Collapsible wooden square plates

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