Anti-Oxidant Rich Matcha Chia Pudding

16 May 2016

Mixed with a cup of gojis and cranberries, this breakfast packs a major antioxidant punch–not to mention calcium, protein, and healthy fats from the chia seeds. What an energizing way to start your day! I hope you enjoy it–and that you get to know Matcha a little better along the way.

I am always inspired to create sumptuous yet simple recipes that provide great nutrition for the body and a little creativity for the mind. I especially love playing around with new ingredients and flavours, and of course trying, testing and introducing them to you too! This past weekend, I acquainted myself with Matcha, a finely milled green tea powder that has put a spring in my step (and colored a number of my mugs bright green). I’ve tasted matcha in beverages before, but I hadn’t worked with it myself now. Truth be told, I’m not a huge green tea lover (I usually have to sweeten it quite a bit to enjoy it), but matcha green tea? Game changer.

I love the taste, which seems to shift from grassy to sweet. Because you mix whole ground matcha into hot water, rather than steeping tea, matcha is said to be significantly higher in antioxidants and chlorophyll than other forms of green tea. It packs a powerful, yet mellow caffeine punch (a teaspoon of matcha is comparable to a cup of coffee in terms of caffeine) and it also contains Vitamin C, potassium, and amino acids, including L-Theanine, which is said to promote relaxation and calm. (I always feel more invigorated than tranquil after I drink matcha, but I don’t feel jittery, either.)

Matcha is a bit of an investment, however you can certainly find higher quality Matcha tea such as Lady Bonins reasonably priced on the Faithful to Nature online store. The good news is that you only need about a half teaspoon to make one cup of strong tea, so a container of Lady Bonins Organic Stoneground Matcha tea will yield you a large amount of servings.

Anti-Oxidant Rich Matcha Chia Pudding

Delightful as freshly brewed Matcha is, I was inspired to try it in a chia pudding; my standard rotation of chocolate, berry and vanilla chia is getting a little old. I loved it, and I’m happy to share it with you today.

Serves 2 | Ready in 10 mins


6 tbsp. chia seeds

1 cup almond milk

1 tsp. Lady Bonins Organic Stoneground Matcha Tea

2 tbsp. Tahini

1 tbsp. raw natural unsweetened peanut butter

1 tsp. vanilla extract

1 tbsp. xylitol

1 tbsp. pecans

¼ tsp. cinnamon


2 tbsp. flaked almonds - divided

1 tbsp. dried cranberries

½ tsp, goji berries

¼ tsp. sesame seeds

2 tbsp. cranberries


Anti-Oxidant Rich Matcha Chia Pudding 4
Anti-Oxidant Rich Matcha Chia Pudding 2

Step 1:

Place chia seeds in a medium sized mixing bowl. Add almond milk, Lady Bonins Organic Stoneground Matcha Tea and a little water. Stir well, cover and allow seeds to soak in the fridge overnight (about 8 hours).

Anti-Oxidant Rich Matcha Chia Pudding 3

Step 2:

Remove from fridge Decant soaked chia, almond milk and Matcha mixture into a blender. Add vanilla extract, tahini, peanut butter, xylitol, cinnamon and pecans and blend on medium speed for 1-2 minutes until all ingredients are thoroughly incorporated. If mixture is a little too thick, then add small amounts of almond milk for a smoother consistency.

Anti-Oxidant Rich Matcha Chia Pudding 5

Step 3:

In a serving glass / dessert dish, place 1 tbsp. flaked almonds at the bottom, followed by 2 tbsp. Matcha chia pudding, then layer with 1 tbsp. red currants, and repeat until you reach the top of the serving glass / dessert dish. Top with remaining redcurrants and almond flakes, and add goji berries, cranberries and sesame seeds.

Serve chilled and Enjoy!

Yours in Health Always,




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