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Services and Consultations Overview

I am so excited to share with you some of my most popularprograms and plans below. My wellness coaching programs andservices are NOT limited to those in the Johannesburg, South Africa area. Withall the incredible technology available to use today, widespread communicationis now possible via facilities such as Skype, which makes it possible to workwith individuals from all over South Africa and internationally.

Caralishious service

Fresh Start Consultation

This Fresh Start Consultation is a great option for those ofyou who already have a general knowledge and awareness of healthy living andwould like additional recommendations, tips and tricks to optimise your healthfurther.

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1 Month Package

This 1 month package is perfect for those of you wanting tocommit to your health journey by combining an initial consultation with 3follow up sessions at a discounted rate to ensure accountability andresults.


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3 Month Package

This 3 month package is perfect for those of you wanting tocommit to your health journey by combining an initial consultation with 6follow up sessions at a discounted rate to ensure accountability andresults.


Caralishious service6 Month Package

This 6 month package is perfect for those of you wanting tocommit to your health journey by combining an initial consultation with 12follow up sessions/visits at a discounted rate, to ensure accountability andresults.


Caralishious service30 Day Nourish and Reset Package

30 days to better health. Restore and nourish your body on acellular level with my whole foods cleanse and reset.This Nourish and Reset 30day Package is a great plan for those looking to optimise their digestion,improve energy levels, feel fantastic and look radiant.

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Caralishious service

Fat Loss Program

This Fat-Loss program is perfect for those of you wanting tocommit to achieving fat-loss specifically by combining an initial consultationwith 2 follow up sessions/visits at a discounted rate.


Need Something A Little More Personalised??

Caralishious serviceBuild Your Own Wellness Plan

Depending on your personal needs and health goals we canwork together to develop an effective solution that is tailored specificallyto you. We can use bits and pieces of all the services listed above to build acomprehensive wellness plan for you.


Is Wellness and Nutrition Coaching Right for You?

Please read my PHILOSOPHY to get an idea of theprinciples upon which my methodology is based. You can find plenty ofinformation in the ABOUT section that explains my approach to health, my coaching style, myprofessional history and my credentials. Here, I also share with you mypersonal health journey that may shed some light on why I do what I do.

Curious as to what myclients have to say? Be sure to check out TESTIMONIALS for more.

Packages are the most effective way to reach your healthgoals, optimize your nutrition plan, and create your desired lifestyle withsustainable improvements and changes. With ongoing support, accountability, check-in’s and potentialchanges to your plan along the way, all the packages on offerprovide you with the tools you need to make our coaching experience together comprehensive, detailed, and effective by creating habits that seamlessly integrate into yourlifestyle.

How Can I Start?

To learn more about each service program and plan, pleasebrowse through the various packages onoffer in my Services sectionto determine what package will be most suitable for you. The great part is youcan Build Your Own Plan- completely tailored just for you!

If you would like to reserve a session with Cara, pleaseemail services@caralishious.com stating the exact plan that you are interestedin.

If you would like to enquire first, simply email Cara atservices@caralishious.com. Once you have reserved your session with Cara, shewill respond to you within 48 hours to set up an appointment. Simple as that!

What you need to know...

Within my practice, I understand that each of us havecompletely different wellness needs. I am very flexible, therefore we can structurea programme that best suits you – whether this be a generalhealth consult, personalised meal plan, monthly consults, or comprehensivepackages is completely up to you. Wecaneven build a completely new plan based on your specific requests.I am here toformulate a solution that is best for you! We are all atdifferent stages of our health journey, therefore some of you may prefer morehands-on assistance than others. Again, this is about me being able to helpyou in a way that is most appropriate for you.

Remember, I am not promising a quick fix, or a “bikini body”in 2 weeks. I do not believe in scales, calorie counting, end point goals orany other of the fad nonsense that pervades the media today. Health is notjust about weight-loss, which I know always takes the limelight in matters ofwellbeing. Rather health is aboutbalance, harmony and synergy between all areas of your life! When we are balanced internally and mentally, clear skin, weight loss, glossyhair and a glowing complexion will happen all on its own!

I am concerned aboutYOU…both the current you and the future you. I am here toequip you with the knowledge and tools that will enable youto sustain your health journey for good! I don’t want you to feel as if you can onlysuccessfully manage your health if I am around to keep a close eye. I want youto be able to develop a sense ofpersonal responsibility to yourself by implementing andmaintaining healthy habits for the rest of your life – because you owe it toyourself! – You are worth it! I am here as a point of intervention – to impartthe knowledge and tools that I believe are effective because I myself applythem daily. No one can be there to hold your hand 24/7, therefore it is up toyou to take as much as you can from what I teach you and to sustain yourwellbeing by making healthy choices daily!

I want you to experience waking up feeling full of energy everyday, looking forward to creating flavourful, healthy wholesomemeals and loving the incredible endorphin boost you receive after a greatworkout. These are the things you will come to love about leading a healthy,balanced lifestyle, and will drive you to make the right choices goingforward.

Health is not a destination point, rather it is a lifestyle,a continuous and sustained journey thatwe must work towards daily in order to reap its sustainedbenefits. True and lasting health reignites our zest for life, allowing us notjust to survive but to THRIVE!

Some important points that I would like you to keep in mind throughout our Time Together:

This is a journeynot an end point.

Getting to know your body, and grasping a clear understanding of what works andwhat doesn’t is a fundamental part of this journey. The more you arein tune with your body, the better it will respond.

This is your opportunity to really understand what makes sense and what doesn’t foryou – we are all completely different, therefore the nutritionand exercise that works really well for one person may not necessarily be aseffective for another. It is absolutely all about what works for youspecifically.

On this journey you will learn how to eat healthy and still enjoy food. Eating andenjoying food is imperative in buildinga healthy relationship with food. Food is your source ofnourishment to please your body by assisting it to function at itsoptimum.

This wellness journey isstrictly a no diet zone. The worddiet holds so many negative connotations and the mind-set it creates itdetrimental to your overall wellbeing.

This journey is about complete and total balance. NO fads, NO quickfixes, just pure healthy wholefoods to nourish your body.

No scales and centimetre measurement. This is about how you feel! Scalesmean nothing. You can lose water weight and still feel unhealthy. On the otherhand, you may weigh more but look and feel phenomenal because you’ve gainedhealthy muscle mass and lost body fat. Scales are an inaccurate reflection ofyour true physical achievements.

This is not the military. Treating and pampering yourself is key to building a healthy relationship with food and giving your body the love andattention it needs. A spa day, or a scoop of your favourite ice-cream once aweek is encouraged!

At times your journey may bring upon challenges, or touchon sensitive spots that may re-stimulate certain negative emotions ormemories. This is all part of your cleansing– both physically and emotionally. It is fascinatingto see how much of our inner turmoil or emotion is manifest within ourphysical body. It is important to go through these hurdles to make youstronger so that you may overcome these difficult areas forgood. Exploring your edge and understanding how to work through it is an essential lesson that you willlearn and grow from throughout your journey.

Your commitment is golden. This journey relies 100% on your dedication,consistency and commitment to following through and maintaining healthychoices each and every day!

Your body is asanctuary for your spirt, therefore treat it with respect. Itis your only true and constant home. This is the time to honour, love and care for your body andmind.

When you are exercising, do not push yourself to the pointof extreme pain. This will only slow your progress down, enhance yourvulnerability to injury, break down muscle tissue and leave you feeling despondent. Gradual progress is always best as this allows your body to learn and adapt to new formsof exercise and movement.

Remember that you haveyour own unique body, so aim for being the best you can be.Wanting to look like someone else, or have a body like someone else is not thepoint here. Firstly, that person has completely different genetics to you,eats different foods, and has grown up doing different things to you. It isimpossible to build a physique identical to that of someone else.This journey is about working on you…and unleashing the very best of you!

You are an amazing individual, so let’s embraceyou!!

Ready to Start?

Browse through the variouspackages on offer in my Services section to determine what package will be mostsuitable for you. The great part is you can Build Your Own Plan - completely tailoredjust for you!

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