See what some of my clients have to say:

"I first met Cara Lisa at the gym and I was inspired by her physical fitness. I approached her to assist myself a few friends and my daughter, and with no regrets 2 months on Cara has been amazing. We have never felt stronger and healthier emotionally and physically. Her motivation and encouragement creates a relaxed comfortable atmosphere. She motivates us to push ourselves to limits we could never have achieved on our own. We have more energy, our balance and flexibility has improved. We recommend Cara as a wellness coach to anyone interested in increasing his or her personal wellness."

Khatija Timol

"Cara's guidance and inspiration has been absolutely life-changing. Her incredible recipes and meal plans make healthy eating so easy and exciting. I have never looked better…and the best part is I don’t even feel as if I am on a diet!"

Inga Hill

"I can't believe how delicious healthy-eating can be! Up until now I have always believed that restricting my food intake was the only way to lose weight. Cara has shown me that the best of both worlds is possible…to enjoy delicious food and to look great too!"

Lauren Jackson

“I have struggled with my weight for most of my life. Yoyo dieting, starving myself and trying just about every diet pill under the sun had become the norm for me. Seeing me in distress, my friend recommended that I visit Cara. What an eye-opener it has been. To realise just how bad my relationship with food was, and how I was harming my body, causing it to become non-responsive, despite all my efforts. Since using Cara’s meal plans, fitness and wellness guides, I have never looked and felt better! Thank you Cara!”

Debbie Hamilton

“Cara is truly the real deal. Her passion and care is evident in the tailored wellness and exercise plans she creates, and it is incredible to see the difference she makes in people’s lives, myself included.”

Jaqueline van Rensburg

“I approached Cara-Lisa two months ago. I needed a change in my unhealthy way of eating, and wanted to shape my body. Cara has taught me so much about my body and healthy eating. Personally the attention that Cara spends on nutrition, workout postures and technique is the key to our sessions and her positive attitude is great motivation to try harder and do better. Since I started with Cara I feel stronger and more confident about my body and I have seen results in my physical appearance and I definitely make better decisions with regards to my eating habits. I would recommend Caralishious to anyone who is looking to make a positive change to their body and overall wellness”.

Yumna Timol

“Caralishious not only changed my entire lifestyle but also showed me how simple it is to have a well-planned diet with all the nutrients out bodies need. Healthy body, healthy mind, I could not be more thankful to Cara for her amazing knowledge and practical expertise about our nutritional and wellness needs”.

Chad Rose

“Since starting with my Caralishious wellness plan I have lost 4kgs, feel much happier and have a lot more energy throughout the day. I have also been sleeping so much better at night. It has really helped me a lot and I feel like a new person”.

Ryan Ginsberg
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