Caralishious Blog Posts for February 2015

Building a Healthy Relationship with Food

For better or worse? How to build a Healthy Relationship with Food

24 February 2015

On the surface, talking about having a relationship with food may seem rather bizarre - after all food is not a person so how can we be in a relationship with it? As humans we are in relationships with everything around us - both animate and inanimate objects. A relationship can be defined as our proximity relative to another person/object. Emotively we can be close to a friend or family member,and we can also have a positive or negative perception of a non-living entity that we regularly interact with - a computer, a table, a car, a building, even our food. Our experiences with things directly influence how we perceive them and consequently how we feel about them - that is, they either induce a positive or negative emotion in us.

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Core strength training

Core Strength Training: The Ultimate Workout for a Stronger, Leaner Body!

11 February 2015

Did you know that your core is where all movement in your body originates? Core exercises are an important part of overall fitness training that, except for the occasional sit-up or crunch, are often neglected. Core strength is far more than just a few crunches at the gym. The difference between core and abdominal training is that you are not just targeting the front side of the body but the back side as well. Basic ab workouts only target the surface abdominals, while proper form core training works the deepest layers of muscle (these are the muscles we want to be targeting for beach-ready abs) embedded within and surrounding the torso. A movement that works the core activates numerous muscle groups, strips away abdominal fat, tones, and produces noticeable results a lot faster.

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