Caralishious Blog Posts for November 2016

brookdale tea

Caralishious Travel Series: Why you absolutely Have to Visit Brookdale Health Hydro!

30 November 2016

This past weekend I was lucky enough to immerse myself in the peaceful paradise that is Brookdale Health Hydro. Nestled in the heart of the Midlands, this quaint setting is truly a place like no other…think calm, serene, tranquil, silent…only the gentle echos of nature surrounding you that send you into a heavenly realm of rest and relaxation.

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Are you letting social media define your self worth? 1

Are you Letting Social Media Define your Self-Worth?

21 November 2016

Over the weekend I was chatting to one of my friends about the power of social media and how incredible it is for building businesses. We were also discussing our favourite pages and how incredible some of the women are that we follow. We were going on and on about their beauty and how amazing there physiques are. I’m pretty sure these types of conversations come up all the time amongst women, and in particular, teens…and this makes me wonder to what extent these conversations are internalised? Do we really believe this is what we should be?

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Can being too healthy become unhealthy 1

When too Healthy becomes Unhealthy

07 November 2016

I want to talk about a topic that perhaps isn’t regarded as much of a big deal as it should be. I often address this notion of “having a relationship with food”, but I feel that I need to shed light on just how complex these relationships can become, and how varied they are. The psychological nature of eating and how it impacts our behaviour is huge – something we need to be aware of, to make sure we don’t venture too far towards either end of the spectrum.

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Budget Friendly Grocery Essentials for Healthy Living

Budget Friendly Grocery Essentials for Healthy Living

02 November 2016

Healthy eating can be very expensive if you buy into all the health hypes. But I can assure you, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to eat well if you do it the smart way. Remember, above all, eating clean means eating simple…(and I mean super simple). You don’t have to be purchasing fancy superfoods or health treats if your budget doesn’t allow for it. Think of these as luxuries – if you have extra cash available to you then you can enjoy those additional items, but for the most part stick to this simple list below and you will see just how affordable healthy eating can be:

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