High Protein Quinoa Loaf with Macadamia Spread & Strawberries

04 April 2016

This delicious loaf is made simply from quinoa which is gluten free and has a low GI of 53. Quinoa is also a complete protein which means that it contains all essential amino acids that the body needs for repair and a healthy immune system. The chia seed pumps up the omega 3 in the bread and helps hold everything together when baked. So yes you can totally enjoy bread, the healthy way! Oh and the spread…yum yum yum!! You absolutely have to try this one!

Makes 1 loaf | Ready in 2 hours


300g whole uncooked quinoa seed

60g whole chia seed

250 ml / 1 cup water (use half to soak chia seeds and the other half to combine in the food processor)

60 ml olive oil

1/2 tsp. bicarb soda

1/2 tsp. sea salt

½ tsp. xylitol

Juice from ½ lemon

Macadamia Spread

4 tsbp natural macadamia nut butter

1 tbsp coconut oil

1 tsp. ground cinnamon

2 tsp. xylitol

1 cup strawberries – cut into halves


Preheat oven to 160 °C

Step 1:

Soak quinoa in plenty of cold water overnight in the fridge. Soak chia seed in 1/2 cup water until gel like – this can be done overnight as well, but just give it a few stirs at the beginning. Drain the quinoa and rinse really well through a sieve. Make sure the water is fully drained from your sieve.

Step 2:

Place the quinoa into a food processor. Add chia gel, 1/2 cup of water, olive oil, bicarb soda, sea salt and lemon juice. Mix in a food processor for 3 minutes. The bread mix should resemble a batter consistency with some whole quinoa still left in the mix.

Step 3:

Spoon into a loaf tin lined with baking paper on all sides and the base. Bake for 1 ½ hours until firm to touch and bounces back when pressed with your fingers. Mine took 1 1/2 hours – oven temps can vary slightly – but the bread needs the time to cook and for the quinoa to become tender.

Step 4:

While bread is baking, prepare macadamia spread: Place macadamia butter, coconut oil, cinnamon and xylitol in a blender and blend until smooth paste forms. Place into a small serving bowl and set aside.

Step 5:

Remove from the oven and cool for 30 minutes in the tin…then remove from the tin and cool completely on a rack or board. The bread should be slightly moist in the middle and crisp on the outside. Cool completely before eating.

Serve delicate slice only when cold with a serrated knife. Enjoy as is or toasted, and top with macadamia spread and fresh strawberry slices

Additional Options
Pump up the protein and add 2 tablespoons of pea protein before baking
Sprinkle with sunflower seeds before baking.
Hulled millet can be used in place of quinoa in this recipe


Yours in Health Always,




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