Traditional Basil-Pesto

12 February 2015

I am completely in love with the freshness of basil. The sweet fragrant lightness of basil paired together with the richness of pine nuts makes for an incredibly appetising side sauce that can be placed over steamed veggies, pastas, and health breads for extra flavour and wholesome deliciousness. If you are in the mood for a little indulgence mix in half a cup of parmesan for an ultra-yummy health treat

You will need:

A good quality food processor or blender


2 punnets fresh basil (you can also try coriander for a little bit of a different flavour fest)

½ cup olive oil

1 cup pine nuts

½ cup parmesan shavings (optional)

1 tsp fresh lemon juice

2 tsp Himalayan pink crystal rock salt

1 tsp ground black pepper


Step 1:

Add basil and olive oil to food processor and blend until basil appears finely chopped

Step 2:

Add pine nuts, parmesan shavings (optional), lemon juice, salt and pepper to basil-olive oil mixture and blend again until all ingredients form a thick green paste.

Serving Suggestion:

Serve with baked hake/kingklip, over steamed veggies or pasta, with health bread or as a dip accompaniment for raw carrots, cucumber and celery sticks.


Yours in Health Always,



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