Caralishious Recipes

Caralishious Recipes

My recipe collection is all about transforming traditional favourites into healthy wonders! I love discovering new ways to mix and mould healthy alternative ingredients to look and taste as good as their not-so-healthy counterparts. Think muffins, pancakes, French toast, chocolate pudding, brownies, creamy pasta, pizza, decadent smoothies, ice-cream, chips and lots more!! These are all included in my recipe collection…and best of all they are all totally guilt free, nourishing and 100% good for you!! Eating healthy reallydoesn’t have to be boring at all…far from in fact! It really is all about getting a little creative and playful in the kitchen by swapping up normal ingredients for their healthy alternatives.

My recipes are packed with all the good stuff and are aimed at nourishing the body on a cellular level! Each meal (even dessert) is nutrient dense, high in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, simple to make and if I say so myself…outright delicious! Eating healthy really doesn’t have to be complicated; in fact it’s quite the opposite! The closer we get to eating real whole foods in their natural state the simpler it becomes.

Absolutelyno processed or refined ingredients are included in my recipes whatsoever! I apply a predominantly sugar free, dairy free, gluten-free approach to my cooking, although I do leave room for these here and there. I am all about flexibility and realism and therefore I don’t believe in cutting out entire food groups altogether. I try to include recipes that cater to all palettes, be it vegan, vegetarian, or animal protein, so you should be able to find a little bit of each. My recipes are also very easily adaptable to meat eaters, vegans and vegetarians.

Sides and Salads Category


I like to think of my recipe collection as little bits and pieces of myself mixed together with the essence of different countries and cultures. I embrace many flavours around the world, especially those from my roots - Italy and the Middle East. You will find aromatic hints of China, Japan, Thailand, Morocco, Mauritius, Spain, Lebanon, Israel, Italy, Greece, Germany and many other countries neatly tucked away into many of my recipes. I especially enjoy discovering complimentary spices from different countries.

Being the offspring of an Italian mother, as a child I would spend many hours in the kitchen with my grandmother or Nonna as I would call her, cooking up a storm. Everything we would make together was created from scratch! Nothing premade, tinned, or “quick fixed” in any way- just pure healthy wholesome whole foods! I have such fond memories of my Nonna and I rolling out homemade pasta together, while she told me delightful stories of her childhood growing up in the mountains of Italy. The simplicity of the life she spoke of was so admirable and beautiful – something that has always remained with me. My Nonna always loved gardening, and created her own organic vegetable patch that grew the most magnificent vegetables and herbs – big, bright, fresh, fragrant and full of flavour. I have never tasted produce as tasty as that which came from her garden. Her magical touch and love for cooking and gardening has always been such a significant inspiration for me and has filtered through into all of the recipes I create.

The recipes that I share on this blog are a result of my fun creations in the kitchen. Since this is more of a creative and artistic expression, at times I don’t always measure out each ingredient to a T, although I do test each recipe. I urge you to channel your own creativeness in the kitchen and alter the recipes to meet your tastes and needs. Let loose, have some kitchen mishaps, get a lil’ messy and ultimately eat delicious whole and natural foods that make you feel wonderful…both inside and out!

Juices, Lattes and Smoothies Category

Juices, Lattes & Smoothies

These recipes include herbal teas, infused waters, pressed juices and delicious smoothies that will refresh and rehydrate the body while removing toxins and cleansing the gut.

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Breakfast Category


Deliciously warming, nourishing and exceptionally healthybreakfast recipes for the whole family to enjoy! Just think muffins, French toast, pancakes and cupcakes…yip all included and totally healthy!

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Lunch / Dinner Category

Lunch / Dinner

Hearty delicious meals ideal for both lunch and dinner.These meals are created specifically to satiate hunger and keep you feelingfull for hours! Guilt-free, low GI, 100% wholefood ingredients that are  completelygood for you! I hope you enjoy all these exciting recipes. Come on…getcreative! Healthy really doesn’t have to be boring!

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Sides and Salads Category

Sides and Salads

The dishes included in this section are wonderful on their own or as accompaniments to main meals. Each dish is flavourful, colourful,tasty and exciting. No more boring steamed broccoli! My take on healthy cooking is all about experimenting with glorious wholefoods from Mother Nature, and using their natural flavours in combination to create super delicious meals!

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Toppings and Dips Category

Toppings and Dips

Store bought toppings, sauces and dips are often laden with sugars, preservatives, additives and otherhealth-adverse ingredients that we really shouldn’t be consuming to begin with! Why not try making your very own homemade toppings and dips that you can enjoywith virtually any meal! These recipes are made from 100% wholefood ingredientsand are brilliant for adding some extra flavour to your meals. I like to make these recipes in batches and store them in airtight glass jars in my refrigerator – this keeps these recipes lasting for up to 1 week!

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Healthy Treats Category

Healthy Treats

Major sweet tooth? A sucker for all the naughty stuff? I totally get you! Enter my healthy treats. These mouthfuls of deliciousness are 100% nourishing, guilt-free and will absolutely kill ALL of your cravings. Why? Because they taste just as good as the real thing. You are going to absolutely love these!

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