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WELCOME TO CARALISHIOUS: Real. Delicious. Nutrition. Wholefoods. Holistic. Wellness. Simple. Effective! Caralishious, is a holistic nutrition and wellness blog dedicated to balanced living through the careful nourishment of mind and body. Entrepreneur Cara-Lisa shows you how to optimise your health with deliciously simple recipes, nutrition tips and holistic living techniques. Want more energy and zest for life? Join the Caralishious lifestlyle to rebuild yourself from the inside out. No more fads, myths, or nonsense claims – to hell with it all! From here on out its all about bringing health back to the basics - keeping it real - pure, simple, effective and completely natural!

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Caralishious Ebooks Now Available to Order

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Caralishious Cleanse and Reset Guide

Cleanse and Reset Guide

R 250

The Caralishious Cleanse and Reset EBook is a 7 day meal plan and recipe guide designed to nourish and detox the body through wholesome, wholefoods eating. This cleanse focuses on wholefoods living by helping you cut out sugar, processed foods, alcohol,and refined grains. No juicing, fasting or deprivation, just resetting the body by eating the right foods. The point of this guide is to help you spring clean your eating habits, by starting afresh, with a guided eating plan that you can apply not just for seven days, but for life.


  • 7 Day Meal PLan
  • Grocery shopping guide: to prevent impulse purchasing and to help you stock up on ingredients for your meal plan
  • Pantry essentials: so you know what to stock up on
  • Health Fundamentals: key nutrition and wellness tips that when applied will help you live healthy, happy and balanced for life!

What to Expect:

  • improved energy levels
  • improved digestion
  • weight loss
  • feeling lighter and brighter due to the removal of excess toxins
  • reduced inflammation
  • reduced bloating
Caralishious Naturally Nourishing Recipe Book

Naturally Nourishing Recipe Guide

R 250

The Caralishious Naturally Nourishing Recipe Guide includes 42 delicious and nutritious recipes, including breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas all created to inspire healthy wholesome cooking in a fun and flavourful way! Each meal is designed to:

  • boost energy
  • stabilize blood sugar levels
  •  minimize cravings
Caralishious Nutrition and Lifestyle Guide
Nutrition and Lifestyle Guide


The Caralishious Nutrition and Lifestyle Guide, is a complete food and health how to guide to help readers reconnect with their body, understand the fundamentals of wholefoods nutrition, eat in a way that works to better energy, health, wellness and vitality, and adapt to a sustainable way of eating that is free from fads, yo-yo dieting and restrictions. This guide serves as a hand manual on how to eat - the smart way, for the long run!

How can Cara help you?

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About Cara-Lisa

Hi and welcome to my blog Caralishious! I am an entrepreneur, yogi and wellness guru with a passion for all things wholesome, healthy, nourishing and natural. As a foodie, nutrition nerd, fitness fanatic and wellness consultant my mission is to inspire you to enjoy the nourishing wholefoods lifestyle that I know will revitalise you completely! The Caralishious blog is my own little health hub through which I am able to share with all of you loads of information, deliciously nourishing recipes and personal health-related experiences or stories of my own. If you would like to get to know a little more about me, please browse through ABOUT CARA. Here I share with you my story, my own health journey, my professional background, and some interesting facts about myself.

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